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May 8, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 10. A Nonphysical Art Teacher Creates Machines That Repair Energy Fields

art studio

These OBE Accounts are written using technical terms from the science of conscientiology (the scientific study of the consciousness). If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms.

This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Educational, Another Consciousness Encounter

February 16, 1998

Extraphysical Period

I became aware that I was projected in a nonphysical dimension. I entered through a door into a large room that appeared to be an art studio or wood working workshop. The room had decent illumination and I could see to the wall on the other side. The room had no windows, but was filled with equipment, counters, art supplies and various objects. Sitting on the concrete floor were large machines for making things out of metal and wood.

art studio

I walked into the room and noticed sawdust and debris littered the floor. I turned to my left and faced that wall. From this vantage point, to my right in the corner was a large computer, bigger than a washing machine. In front of me was an opening into another room, about four doorways wide. There was equipment blocking most of that opening, so I couldn’t see into that space. To the left of the opening was another computer-like machine. On the wall above the opening, and to the right and left, were things that had been printed from the computers: diagrams, art, and colored shapes.

A very friendly Asian man met me and as I looked at his work, I inquired,

“Will you show me how to depict the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions?”

“Well, sure,” he replied, and went into the room beyond the opening in the wall and came back with some small rectangular metal trays (about 4 inches long) with wood and metal glued in particular ways inside.

The first tray he showed me looked like an abacus.



It was actually a “door”. He told me, “When I first began teaching, I showed my students this, and I realized it was too complex. So I started with this.” He showed me something with only wooden parts, then something else with wooden parts and metal balls added. It looked rather like a strange landscape.

I thought to myself, “Well, perhaps this is better than going to see X (artist friend).”

Just then, the janitor entered with a big vacuum cleaner to vacuum up all the sawdust. The vacuum was set wrong so the Asian man had to show him the correct settings. I felt like maybe this odd distraction was meant to deter me from accessing this particular information.

When the Asian man came back, he showed me a computer that he said was “designed to repair energetic fields.” He began showing me how to use it but for some reason, most likely a noise or something, I returned to the soma. I remember the last thing I saw was a graph with red lines that went up and down.


1. Holomemory. There was, in this OBE, a moment when I was apparently connected to my holomemory. I asked about drawing the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions. Art and sacred geometry are areas I am interested in my intraphysical existence, but I never thought specifically about the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. In fact, I don’t even know what they are.

2. Equipment. This nonphysical consciousness appears to have been someone interested in designing and creating nonphysical machines, computers, etc., for various purposes. Do they have machines that repair energetic fields in the extraphysical dimension? How do they work?

3. Janitor. It is interesting to note that in certain places in the extraphysical dimension, consciousnesses might take a job; it must be a comfort to be performing familiar duties and feeling useful, helping at their level.

4. Cleaning. I wonder why there needed to be a vacuum cleaner to clean energetic sawdust. And a vacuum cleaner with settings, much like a physical vacuum cleaner.

5. Educational. If I had been more lucid, I could have obtained more information from this teacher. He seemed like he could have given me information about art, energy, healing, and energetic computers and equipment.

6. Paranoia. I exhibited some paranoia, which I think indicates I had a level of lucidity lower than that of daily waking life. I was paranoid that the janitor was some kind of planned interruption specifically to thwart me in my objective for this OBE. The janitor was most likely just cleaning. I think this experience of increased fear and paranoia falls under the category of over-emotionality that can occur during an OBE, an amplification of an emotion that in daily life would not occur or would only occur in a very mild manner.

OBE Questionnaire

Date: 2/16/98
Time: unknown
Title of Projection: Meeting with a Teacher
Did you apply a projective technique? No
If so, what was it?
Climate: unknown
Physical Position: unknown
Physiological state: unknown
Psychological state: unknown

1. Preparation. 0
2. Energy Quality. 5
3. Energetic Control. 0
4. Perception. 8
5. Lucidity. 6
6. Continuous Consciousness. 5
7. Level-headedness. 5
8. Target. 0
9. Recall. 8
10. Record. 3

TOTAL: 40 of 100

May 6, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 6. Out-of-Body Experience to the Sun – Sun Symbol Helps Reach Target

Journey to the Sun

These OBE Accounts are written using technical terms from the science of conscientiology (the scientific study of the consciousness). If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms.

This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Educational, Joint, Possible Exoprojection, Possible Mentalsoma Projection.

Dec. 2, 1997

Prior to Projection

I had been drawing a “Portal to the Sun – The Eye of Ra” sketch before bed, and the image was imprinted into my mind as I went to sleep. Ra is the Egyptian Sun God. From Wikipedia: Ra is the ancient Egyptian solar deity. By the Fifth Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BC) he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the midday sun.

Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra

Extraphysical Period

I found myself in a big “Home Depot” warehouse store type place where there were many rooms with tools in shelves lining the walls. There were stairways, escalators, elevators, and other means of transportation upwards. This place was staffed by thin, brown-skinned men with black hair. There were several young men of other races as well. These helpers weren’t concerned with the tools; rather they were helping travelers ride up the various elevators. They were very friendly.

I came to a door and about seven of these thin, friendly young men were there. I walked into the room and there was a slowly twirling light blue elevator. I tried getting on it and didn’t make it. I watched two other people who had gotten in ascend. The next time I got in fine and rode up to the next floor. I clearly saw someone I knew from some spiritual classes I was taking; he saw me as well. He was having more difficulty with the elevator than I was and had to ascend a little later.

I got out and found myself in a library. I went up to a huge book on a small table by a window in an alcove. I could see some stars out the window. I opened the book and started reading about traveling to the sun, which was my objective.

It was written that a long time ago, when my soul and others decided to incarnate themselves in this solar system, they came to the sun first and split themselves into individuals and a bunch of us began lifetimes on this planet. I also read that an individual may plan out what they will teach (in general) while on Earth when they first get to the sun. Then they fly down to begin lifetimes on Earth. When a person wants to know in the biggest sense what they decided to teach on Earth, that person goes back to the sun to try to remember all the plans they had had when they first flew down. This was the understanding I got from reading in this book. I do not know if any of it was true. The book also had information about how to actually “go to the sun.”

I think I did reach my goal of “going to the sun,” but while I was there I was not in a state of consciousness that I could easily access after returning. I just remember a sensation of going into an incredibly deep and peaceful state, where everything was light and warm. Then I gently woke up, as if I landed softly there on the bed, with a sense of deep happiness inside. I was exhausted, as if I had indeed gone someplace far away. Unfortunately, if I had obtained a sense of what I was supposed to teach while on the earth, I couldn’t remember what it was.

Journey to the Sun

Some details that I recall now but did not record at the time: The warehouse place was huge. The floors and some of the walls were gray concrete, and the tools were all up on the walls but were not organized in categories; in other words a scissors would hang next to a hammer next to glue, rather than in a store where things are all neatly divided.

The young men were exceptionally positive, joyful, content, friendly and accommodating. The place was pretty active in terms of guests going here and there and helpers guiding and serving them.

The elevator was spherical or egg shaped and appeared like a sculpture with winding sculpted rails around the open air windows, it looked a bit like something made of paper mache around a balloon and the balloon had been removed. It was spinning slowly around to the right. If you were unable to get on you had to wait there, just looking around at the young men and the other guests, for the elevator to go all the way up and come all the way back down.

I recall the area in the library where the book was located. I had climbed wooden stairs with a polished wooden railing to get up to this hallway. The hall was like a balcony as well because it went to the right and had a railing along the front. There was a small nook up on a platform off the hallway, right beyond where the stairway met the hall. The walls were white and they were curved. The window was like a triangle with curved sides with no window frame. The table was just big enough to fit the book. The book looked like a huge fat dictionary. There was a chair so I could sit down and look out the window and flip through the book. The atmosphere was warm, clean and inviting with full illumination.


1. Imprintable Surroundings? This “Home Depot” was possibly a place where helpers focused on helping people go from that dimension to other dimensions. Perhaps the helpers’ psychosomas appeared as they truly are, but maybe the surroundings were made out of something that could be imprinted on by a traveler, so that each individual saw the surroundings reflect to them their own personal associations with the kind of place it was. I associated it with a Home Depot because the Home Depot is a very large place with many people who help one find the specific tool one can use to accomplish a goal. Another person may have perceived an airport, a museum, etc. This is a speculation, based on this experience, that an OBE can include both subjective and objective data; objects one creates through association and objects one discovers. And if the speculation was found to be true, this would lead me to ask some questions: 1) Is it possible to rid an OBE of all “associations” and perceive the energy as it is in its direct and unaltered form? 2) What is the means to decipher reality from imagination while out of the body? 3) Is there a truly objective reality while out of the body? 4) What is the means by which one’s own internal pictures get imprinted onto the surrounding energy field? 5) Are there certain locales or dimensions where it is easier for people to project their internal reality outside onto the environment?

2. Joint. This is a joint projection because one of the people getting on the elevator at the same time I was was someone I knew who was also projected, and we acknowledged each other. I remember his face was completely clear.

3. Lucidity. This meeting was very close to an experience of meeting a friend in daily waking life but not quite. For example, I knew my friend and acknowledged him by nodding and making eye contact, but in daily waking life I would have asked him a lot of questions like – Why are you here? Have you been here before? Where are we? Do you recognize me? Will you remember this tomorrow? I didn’t ask him anything, I just stood there waiting.

4. Symbolic Representation used to Help Reach Target. I created an image to represent a specific target I wanted to reach in this OBE. Before going to sleep, I focused on imprinting this image in my mind and by doing so, saturated my mind with the holothosene (combination of thoughts, sentiments and energies) related to my target.  In this case it was the Egyptian mystery school tradition and the sun god Ra who symbolized the sun itself. I would have to research this more but I believe that one thing some artists do is create energy portals within their paintings simply by focusing their mind on a specific holothosene while painting, imbuing the painting with an energetic signature pointing to that place. I’m thinking that a great way to have more OBEs and more OBEs that reach the intended target would be to create or find images, symbols and/or objects that represent the target and use them as your own “portal” or energetic link to the target. Focus on them before bed for some days or weeks imprinting them into your mind. This could eventually arise in a successful OBE to that target.

5. Educational. I was interested in finding out information on a specific topic. I don’t think there is any scientific proof at this time that consciousnesses were once unified as part of a larger consciousness and then broke apart. This would need a lot more investigation. The idea that we spent time in the sun is interesting and could account for the sun worship we were so involved in during ancient times. Again, this would need a lot more investigation.

6. Possible Exoprojection. Possible Mentalsoma Projection. I do not know where I went, except that I felt a peace and warmth way beyond anything experienced in a normal meditation, almost like becoming light itself for a time. I was quite tired upon returning, although full of energy and light. I just remember the yellow light – bright, warm, deeply peaceful yellow light blazing through every aspect of my being. Returning was so gentle. I was very happy, joyful, blissful and deeply peaceful and satisfied that morning, when I awoke and afterwards. It was a unique experience; I have never had one like it before or since.

7. Record. Note that the Record for this OBE I rated as 3 of 10 because I left out so many details. Most of the time during this OBE I was really observing my surroundings. I know that when I got back I could have recorded colors, textures, the expressions on people’s faces, my emotions etc. This may seem like a good recording of an OBE but it’s really incredibly stripped down of so much relevant information. Now years later I can’t remember as well. Please always record your OBEs including all the details you perceived.

OBE Questionnaire

Date: 12/2/97
Time: unknown
Title of Projection: Journey to the Sun
Did you apply a projective technique? No
If so, what was it?
Climate: unknown
Physical Position: unknown
Physiological state: unknown
Psychological state: unknown

1. Preparation. 2
2. Energy Quality. 8
3. Energetic Control. 5
4. Perception. 7
5. Lucidity. 6
6. Continuous Consciousness. 0
7. Level-headedness. 5
8. Target. 9
9. Recall. 5
10. Record. 3

TOTAL: 50 of 100

May 2, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 5. Cottage Living Room – Undernourishment and Intensive Breathing Techniques

Plants encountered during OBE

These OBE Accounts are written using technical terms from the science of conscientiology (the scientific study of the consciousness). If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms.

This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Partial, Consecutive, Willful, Another Consciousness Encounter.

November 29, 1997

Prior to Projection

For three days prior to this OBE I had been experimenting with a diet called the “Light Body Diet.” I believe this diet was a major reason I was able to have an OBE. This diet was so light – consisting of only fresh fruits and vegetables – that I was technically very undernourished. Something about this allowed my energy bodies to become looser and this allowed me to leave the body easily. I stopped this diet the next day.

I went to bed at approximately 12 midnight in the dorsal position. In order to clear certain energetic blocks in my body, I practiced raising my vibration using my breath, breathing both quickly and deeply. This was an exercise I had been studying which was designed to raise the energy vibration and remove energy blockages. It was like inducing voluntary hyperventilation; in “holotropic breath work” this is called “intensive breathing.” I spent a long time working with energy in various ways. I did not know about the vibrational state at this time. I was not studying the OBE, nor was I thinking about the OBE at all during this time of my life.

Extraphysical Period

A few minutes after falling asleep, I noticed I could lift my legs up out of my body one at a time [Partial Projection]. I kept this up for a few minutes, very fascinated. I faded into sleep and all went black for a couple minutes [blackout]. Then I was standing in the room I was sleeping in [Spontaneous Projection], and my sister was there. We were happy to see each other and spent a little time talking about things I don’t remember [Another Consciousness Encounter]. Then somehow I projected an image of my psychosoma out into the space in front of me and was staring straight at myself, like in a mirror [unknown phenomenon]. I was so alarmed I woke up.

I faded into sleep again for a few minutes [blackout]. Then I found myself standing in the room again, about 5 feet from the soma [Consecutive Projection]. I was excited about being out of my body and walked into the bathroom, and then ran back into my body [heightening of emotionality when projected]. I had a low level of visual acuity; all was quite dark.

I faded into sleep again for a few minutes. I intentionally got out of my body again [Willful Projection] and saw these glowing green plant tendrils coming through the front door to the cottage from the outside (I was sleeping in the living room). I recalled having seen them before in OBEs I wasn’t aware I had experienced until this moment [Holomemory Access]. There were huge bougainvillea bushes surrounding the cottage, but none of the branches entered the door in the intraphysical dimension. Because it made no sense to have plants exist in a place where there were none physically, I assumed they were a representation of energy. They irritated me slightly, and I went up to them and pushed them out of the door.

Plants encountered during OBE

Plants encountered during OBE

At this point I was approximately 8 feet from the soma. I became aware of having my “eyes open” (clear visual perception of one area without being foggy or dark) for the first time while out of my body while I was intently focused on the tendrils. I struggled for a few minutes trying to see beyond a few feet around me. I was not able to see farther than 5 feet, probably because of the proximity to the soma (being within the 13 foot radius sphere of dense energies emanating form the soma).

After this I was looking at a large map on the floor, and decided to go to Mexico. I spent most of my time there in a gigantic Egyptian museum. I am not sure if this was still an O.B.E. as my lucidity and recall lessened at this point.


1. Lucidity. This is the second O.B.E. I had in my life in which I knew that I was out of my body when I was out of my body, and I remembered it clearly when I woke up.

2. High Level of Motivation. On this evening I happened to be extremely determined to clear my energy body. This demonstrates the power of raising the level of determination and motivation to a very high level if one wants to prepare the energy body for an OBE.

3. Very Long Time Doing Energy Work. The long period of energy work served to loosen the energosoma (the energetic glue holding the psychosoma in the soma aka holochakra) completely and let my psychosoma separate freely. This demonstrates the power of spending a long time focused on unblocking energies. For example, if one spends 10 minutes it may not result in an OBE, whereas 1 hour may result in an OBE, depending on how many energy blockages there are.

4. Breathing Technique.  I used a breathing technique to help loosen the energosoma. This demonstrates that one can use the breath as a tool or crutch to help one learn how to move the energies of the energosoma. The student projector can experiment with various breathing exercises as techniques for leaving the body and find out if they work or not. It is important, however, not to become dependent on breathing exercises, or to develop a psychological link between the breath and energetic work, because in the extraphysical dimensions we do not have lungs or breathe so the majority of the time we are going to want to move energies independently of anything having to do with the process of breathing with the lungs.

5. Undernourishment Technique. This OBE suggests that eating very lightly for three days, although creating a temporary undernourished state, also may help with the loosening of the energosoma.

6. Seeing My Own Face. The phenomenon of seeing my own face is something I don’t have any information on and don’t know how it works. When I was staring at my own image I felt like I was having fun, attempting to accomplish a sort of out-of-body acrobatics. I can’t think of any practical purpose to creating my image in front of myself.

7. Holomemory. This OBE demonstrates an instance of dipping in to the holomemory, as I had already projected and witnessed these tendril energies in the room, however the memory of this was located in the memory of the parabrain and inaccessible to the physical brain until I left the physical body again.

OBE Questionnaire

Date: 11/28/98
Time: unknown
Title of Projection: Cottage Living Room
Did you apply a projective technique? No. I actually did but I did not know that I was. I applied a technique of undernourishment and a breathing technique.
If so, what was it?
Climate: unknown
Physical Position: dorsal
Physiological state: undernourished
Psychological state: content

1. Preparation. 5
2. Energy Quality. 7
3. Energetic Control. 4
4. Perception. 3
5. Lucidity. 6
6. Continuous Consciousness. 5
7. Level-headedness. 3
8. Target. 0
9. Recall. 6
10. Record. 5

TOTAL: 44 of 100

May 2, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 4. Seventh Root Race Children’s School – Lessons on Fear and Victim Consciousness


This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Leisure, Educational, Assistential, Another Consciousness Encounter

Extraphysical Period

November 28, 1997.

I went to a “temple” in the middle of New York City. It was actually a little room, like an office room. A group of four was already in deep discussion. I remembered that we were planning to go on a journey to see ancient sacred sites. I was a little late but not too late. The main presenter arrived and started by showing us some slides of places, and lecturing about many interesting things pertaining to each one. I remember there was one built in the ice and each time the ice shifted or melted, they had to build a new one, or change the old one. It was incredibly beautiful. I spontaneously decided to leave, unfortunately, before going on the trip (!) I felt like I just had too many things on my agenda that I wanted to do.

I was with a woman who works with the “seventh root race” children (supposedly children incarnating from an advanced planetary system (called Trinity), making up the “seventh root race” to live on this planet, here for the purpose of assistance. This is according to certain spiritual teachers I was in contact with in my waking life.). I wanted to see where they hang out in the extraphysical dimensions. This woman took me on a long journey along country roads to a place that could have been one place the seventh root racers spend time. As we neared the place, which looked like the grounds of a school located in the countryside, several children came up to meet her and she went off with them. I believe that in real life she is a caretaker or teacher with these children.

I was alone now outside the school grounds, in a field of green grasses. A little girl came running up to see who I was.


Because I was without fear, she immediately saw who I really was and smiled and said, “Hi!” But then I realized I was with one of these “advanced” children, and I became afraid, and felt a sense of low self-esteem. I said, “What’s your name?” but she had run off. Because of my apprehension, she couldn’t “see” me anymore.

I walked over to the school and came into a small courtyard. There was a picnic table in it, and a man was sitting there. I went up to the table and noticed that energetically, he had many bad attitudes. We began talking and he went into a self-reflective state, and told me about the life he had that recently ended. It seemed like as he told me the negative things, I “collected them like pieces of skin he was discarding, and I threw them out” (this was my description from my journal.).

This guy had truly been a complete jerk in his life – an abusive father, repressive member of the military, TV addict. These were the energies he was discarding with my assistance. Or maybe he just wanted someone to talk to, and I was trying to help him improve his energies. It was one of those incidents on the border of assistance and being taken advantage of because I didn’t have enough lucidity about the nature of the guy’s situation to make a completely conscious choice. In retrospect it seems like it was a good opportunity to do assistance, and I just took advantage of the fact that I had some skills in order to help easily. It did not drain or inconvenience me.

After that I went up to the main office of the school. This was a building that looked like a wood house, with a plain grayish brown worn wood stairway up to the second floor. The female manager / head teacher was in her office talking on the phone. I was waiting for her to have a minute because I wanted to ask if I could teach with the seventh root race children. I already sensed that I wasn’t quite ready.

The guy came up behind me and asked the teacher, “Can I borrow some clay tools?” I told him, “No!” because I still perceived him as “evil,” like he used to be. I didn’t trust him one bit with those clay tools. The teacher said, “Go ahead and take them.” She was too busy to even think about it, but I could tell she trusted him. Perhaps in his current state he was trustworthy, but I had been perceiving him as he was in his past.

I decided to check out the rest of the premises. I left the office and walked to the other side of the courtyard which was a large grassy area with some trees beyond the edges. There was an area with several large wooden decks (grayish worn wood decks without railings) where all different kinds of people were hanging out. There were drummers, crafts people, and entertainers, all performing or teaching the children. I didn’t see a lot of children, so this must only have been one place they commonly hang out, and they engage in different activities elsewhere. I wanted so badly to be a teacher.

I stood there in my bathrobe watching the people. I think that night I was sleeping with nothing on so I used my mind to put my bathrobe on. A man who was on the sidelines came over and sneered, “I’ve always wanted one like you.” He was a big, hairy, possessive brute. Immediately I was scared of this energy. He walked away and I hung my head to avoid him. I looked up and he was amongst the people so I chose to ignore him. He was a victimizer and I was afraid of becoming a victim. But the next lesson I learned in this place showed me I never have to be a victim again, if I choose not to be.

I was just hanging out on the deck and a skinny Sufi guy claimed to be teaching, through certain demonstrations, about “enlightenment”. So, after I had been watching for a minute, he asked me if I wanted to be part of a lesson on trust. I said O.K. and he held me very close to him and we began spinning, horizontally, a couple feet up off the deck. I was afraid the back of my robe was opening to reveal my naked body, but it wasn’t. I just held on. I was never merged with him; he kept good energetic boundaries. But I was completely in sync with him, completely present, completely trusting, completely with him on all levels, yet maintaining my sense of wholeness in myself. So I trusted him 100%, completely without fear, and this is why we didn’t fall. But for a split second a doubt entered my mind, and we fell to the deck. So that was the end of the lesson – but I had learned what I needed to.

Next, he had us sit in lotus positions, and he demonstrated levitation. I couldn’t master it; I needed to “breathe faster and deeper.”

At the very end, someone told me I had met this man in Oakland. He had been homeless and had asked me for some money. At that time, he was coming from a “Type B” place. This referred to victim-consciousness, fear, and low self-esteem. This meant that even if I had given him money, nothing would have changed for him. But now, apparently he had shifted and didn’t even need to beg for any money. He was in a whole different reality now (“Type A” perhaps).


Why I believe this was an OBE.
I believe this was an OBE (not a dream) because of the level of control and lucidity I had regarding making choices. I felt like I was traveling to new places and meeting new people and was completely able to decide for myself what to do. I was also thinking and reasoning about my experiences similar to in daily life, but a little less lucid. For example, in the beginning I had some kind of agenda that made me leave the presentation but I don’t recall what the thought process was behind that, also I was not 100% lucid regarding the man speaking about his previous lifetime, so I would say this was a little bit below waking daily life lucidity.

Lessons About Fear, Trust, and Victim Consciousness.
In this OBE there were some lessons related to fear. The first was that “who I truly am” was obscured and could not be seen by the girl after I became ashamed and afraid, thinking she was more “advanced.” The feeling of fear did absolutely nothing but hinder my ability to interact, learn and communicate with her. Therefore I never gained any of the information from her that I would have had I remained free of fear and shame. Thus, fear made this a somewhat lower quality OBE in terms of missing the potential there was for me to learn and gain from the experience.

The second lesson was with the Sufi who was spinning with me above the deck. I don’t totally understand this lesson now although at the time it was clear. I think it had to do with feeling trust in existence rather than fear and how that would protect one from being a victim and falling into a Type B or a victim self-perception based existence.

There was another lesson about being a victim. A sexual predator type consciousness came up to me insinuating he wanted to take advantage of me. Probably I attracted him to myself based on my energetic profile. My energetic profile had a mixture of victim and non-victim energies. Throughout the OBE I kept switching between different states – being my true self, having trust, feeling desire, feeling shame, feeling like a victim and feeling fear. Depending on which place I was, it would change the energies I was exuding into my aura, and it would change my resonance. The characteristics of the resonance generated in each moment attracted or repelled different people and experiences that resonated or did not resonate with those energies.

Two Things from the Intraphysical Dimension.
A couple of things that seem incongruent with an OBE: Why was the manager “on the phone”? I know many extraphysical locales set up tools and settings that mimic what we are accustomed to in the intraphysical, but it always seems strange to me to see people using these replicas in the extraphysical dimensions. Other examples are cars, public transportation like buses, furniture, houses, knick knacks etc.

The other thing was when the Sufi talked about “breathing”. We have no lungs or breath in the extraphysical dimension, but he could have been referring to the absorption and exteriorization of energies as if breathing, in a fast and powerful manner that brings about a more robust energetic field that one can use for flying or levitating.

OBE Questionnaire

1. Preparation. 0

2. Energy Quality. 7

3. Energetic Control. 6

4. Perception. 8

5. Lucidity. 7

6. Continuous Consciousness. 4

7. Level-headedness. 5

8. Target. 2

9. Recall. 7

10. Record. 6

TOTAL: 52 of 100

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40 Types of Projections with Examples for Each

mentalsoma projection

I wrote this document in 2001. These examples are all taken from my own projections (Out-of-body Experiences). I had 108 OBEs between 10/24/97 and 2/17/01. The numbers refer to the number projection (2 = the second projection I have had for example).

When I speak of the “VS” I am referring to the Vibrational State – an energetic technique to create a protective energy field around oneself, and to cleanse environments energetically.

Spontaneous Projection – Natural exit from the body, without intention, not provoked. Unconscious exit.

#5. After a short blackout, I found myself standing up a few feet from the soma (body).

#10. After being asleep for awhile, I found myself in the studio of an Asian artist in an extraphysical (nonphysical) locale. I was unconscious when I left the soma and flew there, but after I arrived I was conscious of being in the projected state.

Willful Projection – An intentional and planned out-of-body projection; a conscious, willed exit from the body.

#51. I was lying in the beanbag chair and realized I could leave the soma. I willed myself out and went into the back yard. I never went unconscious from the time I lay down to when I was in the back yard.

Partial Projection – Only part of the projector’s body is projected.

#49 I exteriorized the upper part of my psychosoma (head and upper body portion of energy body) (got them out of the soma) and then went back in.

Blind Projection – The projector knows they are projected but can’t see anything.

#30. I was suddenly in a room and could feel other people crowded next to me, but all was black.

#37. I went into the back yard on my hands and knees and could clearly feel the blades of grass but all was black.

#45. I was within the 13′ radius  (sphere of dense energies around the soma) and all appeared black until I got farther away.

#44, #50, and #52. In these projections I was blind but instead of seeing black I was in a white fog. It was not right after leaving the soma as it is with the blackness. Instead, I could see very well and after a while I was walking through a white or cream colored substance and then presently I would go into a different place or start dreaming or lose lucidity. It is possible that (either only when in the mentalsoma or possibly also when in the psychosoma), when one changes frequency levels to a higher level there as a period of transition when one is just in energy that is not formed into a inhabited dimension per se.

Visually Self-encapsulated Projection – Everything the projector sees around him/her comes from his/her imagination – in other words they are surrounded by dream images (oneiric images).

#85. I was trying to pass through the space where I knew a curtain hung to divide two rooms. I would pass through the curtain, only to see it again and have to pass through it. Finally I dispelled the images of the curtain. I was creating these visual perceptions of obstructions and was not seeing the actual environment.

Dream Elements Projection (Self-generated Visual Elements) – There are elements that come from the projector‘s imagination – dream (oneiric) images – interspersed with perception of the extraphysical dimension itself.

#13 I was standing at the window and the sky was full of stars even though in intraphysical life at that moment it was already morning.

#80 I was walking across the living room and my boyfriend Joe’s clothes kept piling themselves up under my feet so I had to leap across them to get out the door. I was making these clothes up from my imagination.

#87 I saw a military tank in the living room where the TV is, and other pieces of artillery around the room.

Morphothosene Projection – The projector creates something using their will, out of energy.

#24. I was in an extraphysical locale with brown rolling hills. I decided to try to make a morphothosene of a tree. I put all my effort into it but could only create a ghostlike wispy resemblance of a tree.

Loaded Projection – Projection in which the projector feels heavy, without much lucidity, and without control of flight or flotation, as if in a slow-motion film.

#26 I was trying to run away from an extraphysical girl gang and I was running in slow motion. I got scared and went back to my body.

#32 I was with an extraphysical woman and she was trying to tell me some information but I was barely able to walk I was so heavy and then I kept nodding off to sleep. Finally she left me in a room to sleep; when I woke up and was more lucid she took me to a lecture hall.

#53 I felt like my energy was very sluggish, and I had trouble moving my energy.

Interrupted Projection – Something forces the projector’s return.

#27 I was climbing a ladder with my boyfriend Joe and he was behind me. He fell off and it scared me so much I returned to the soma. I was lucid of being projected, but not lucid enough to remember Joe could not get hurt from falling a long distance in the energetic dimensions.

#60 I was exploring an extraphysical place with my cat in his astral body and my partner kicked me in physical life and I returned.

Consecutive Projection – The projector goes out, back to their body and then leaves again right away.

#29. I got up five times to start my day and each time I projected into the bathroom. I went back into the soma in between each projection.

#91-91. I had five projections to different places, and returned briefly to the soma in-between each projection.

Recurrent Projection – This is a projection to a place the projector has been before, often many times.

I have had 12 projections to my Home of Origin in New York, and in each case it appeared different.

Continuous Consciousness Projection – No lapse in lucidity from exiting the soma to physically waking up.

I have had these but need to find one to put here.

Projection out of a Dream – The projector is dreaming, becomes lucid, and projects out of their body. The dream that occurs at the beginning is called a Projectiogenic Dream.

Not Numbered. I was dreaming I was in an outdoor setting looking at a stake. I knew that if I went towards it I would exit the soma. I pushed myself at it and was suddenly lucid of taking off from the soma in the psychosoma.

#14. I was dreaming I was looking down at the head of a friend. I turned a little and looked beyond his head; I was looking out of a door from a barn into a sunlit yard. I knew if I propelled myself through the door, I would exit the soma. I pushed myself with a lot of will towards the door and was suddenly lucid of taking off in the psychosoma, at which moment all dream images vanished.

In both cases the dream suddenly went into slow motion and I felt like I was floating above an object. The stake and my friend’s head both become crystal clear for a moment, with all detail highlighted. Then I pushed forward and the dream disappeared, and I was in the psychosoma willing myself out of the soma with a lot of effort.

#30 This was a little different. I realized I could project from the dream and propelled myself straight up out of the ceiling of the dream room and suddenly I was in an extraphysical locale, but could see nothing. I did not experience the takeoff in this case.

Leisure Projection – Projection for the purpose of pleasure, relaxation, mental hygiene, or extraphysical touring.

#27. My boyfriend Joe and I were in a Range Rover running around an extraphysical countryside and having fun.

#36. I went out into my neighborhood and was looking at what was in a neighbor’s yard; I flew up into a tree.

#67 My boyfriend Joe and I were in an extraphysical city. I flew up to the top of a building and called to him and another person to look (extraphysical flying/acrobatics). Joe was just looking around like he thought he was dreaming. We went into a restaurant and also a beauty parlor.

Experimental Projection – Conscious experimentation outside the body, such as, touching the silver cord, creating an effect on physical matter, elongating the astral body, changing appearances, etc.

#5 I was trying to make a mirror image of myself.

#7. Joe and I turned ourselves into pompoms and went scurrying around a department store under the racks of clothes. Yes, this one could possibly have been a dream, although artistic types of projectors do challenge themselves to transform into various types of beings or shapes for short periods of time.

#36 I could see only black. I was completely lucid of being projected. I put my hands up in front of my face and exteriorized energy from my head and frontal chakra at my hands with a lot of effort. Finally I could see my hands. They looked see-through. I kept exteriorizing and looking at my hands and then I could see the grass on the ground, and then the house and a tree.

#44 I was trying to take off and my abdomen was stuck so I took my extraphysical arms, which were loose and exteriorized through my hands onto my abdomen. I was able to take off.

#46 I could not see so exteriorized but went back to the soma before anything happened.

#47 I said “HOME” to make the morphothosenes disappear. Each time I said HOME the images would go away and all would be black. I then tried to exteriorize out of my third eye to see what was really there, but it didn’t work.

#51 I experimented with putting my body through a fence

#52 I was in the beanbag and I lay flat down, putting the psychosoma inside of the beanbag.

#53 I was projected and encountered an extraphysical old woman. I decided to exteriorize at her. I held up my hands and tried to push energy at her. “Do you think I’m an illusion?!” she said, offended.

#63. I did the VS while projected and shot energy out of my eyes and third eye to gain lucidity. I saw that I was at my home of origin.

#60 I said “Clarity Now” to restore lucidity and the images went away and I was in darkness.

#92 I tried to put my hand through an extraphysical table but couldn’t. I kept banging at it; it appeared odd to the extraphysical consciousnesses around the table. Apparently things will be solid in some dimensions; the psychosoma must be the same density as the object.

#94 Joe and I were projected and I exclaimed, “Look – We ARE projected – I can prove it to you! I’ll turn the ceiling into a big pink dome!” I tried and tried and tried exteriorizing up at the ceiling of the bedroom but it wouldn’t budge. Joe lost interest and left.

VS Takeoff – The Vibrational State is used to enable takeoff.

I have had this but need to find the record.

Assisted Projection – leaving the body with the help of another consciousness/ receiving help from another consciousness.

#1. I got advice and consolation from a friend, also projected,

#15 I barely remember talking to a helper regarding my path. I remember them saying , “Focus on the way things are.”

#20 I remember talking to a helper. I hadn’t done my existential program for 200 years. The intermissive courses or maybe my intermissive courses began in 1750. There was encouragement for me to do what I came to do this time. There was something also about a “Serene” I assume a serenissimus. I got this information about the intermissive course and the “big serene” before learning of them from the IIPC.

#31 In Russia, a healer was helping me with some retrocognitions and commented that I had a lot of traumatic lives.

#56 A projected friend or a helper with the appearance of the friend warned me about an intruder who had made himself look like my boyfriend Joe and wanted to be intimate.

#68 I exited the soma on my back so I was flying on my back looking straight up. I gained lucidity and saw a helper’s face right above mine. He was repeating, “Calm Down, Calm Down, Calm Down.” He was speaking in another language to someone I couldn’t see. He was taking me somewhere. He was beaming calming energy at me. He dropped me off in a square of some kind with trees around. I looked at him and I thought to myself, “I’ll have to tell Joe the helper looked just like Alvaro except with a longer nose.” He left then and I was with some other people and began to become less lucid.

Educational Projection – Projection for the purpose of education; to learn something.

#2 Lecture with a Native American Indian in Seattle

#4 A Sufi or Indian man teaches me trust by spinning me around off the ground very fast – the minute you lose trust you fall. He also taught people about levitation and other things.

#6 I was reading a very large book in a library – I was learning about how souls go to the sun before coming to this planet to begin a series of lives.

#17 Lecture by a nutritionist

#20 Information on intermissive course – badly recalled

#25 There was a house and the house was partially destroyed by an earthquake. Some other young people and I were instructed to fix things. We could learn things about each other and ourselves by what tasks and whom we naturally gravitated to. A girl and I decided to make sure all the cats were safe. This could have been a dream.

#32 A helper tells me I am here to teach others – and not to be so afraid.

#47 Waldo speaks on the subject of Aids – badly recalled

#64 I was in a convenience store. A voice began to speak. It said, “When I first began my excursions I would find myself in a setting, as you find yourself. I learned that when I go along with it I learned things about myself.” A robber burst in, all in black and with a gun. I knew it was a test to see what I would do. I reacted – I lunged forth and grabbed his hand that held the gun. I realized that in real life I would be dead. Also, maybe he was no robber, but just appeared to be a robber.

Assistential Projection – projection for the purpose of helping.

#4 I spoke with a depressed recently deceased person, trying to console him.

Cleansing Projection – Projection with the purpose of cleansing an environment, the projector’s own soma, etc.

#73 I flew up into the air above the bed and frantically exteriorized a lot of energy all around after feeling the presence of an intruder, and then I went back into the soma.

#104 I was projected into the bedroom and had to do the VS a lot in order to get the intruders to leave and I succeeded.

#54 I was away from home. I projected back to my house and went in the bedroom and did the VS for a while, cleaning the energy of the bedroom. It had been quite dense and improved from me doing the VS.

De-Intrusion Projection – Projection for the purpose of de-intruding another consciousness or oneself. A type of Assistential Projection.

#16 I had a lot of energy so the helpers took me to a place with a young woman. She had all this brown energy around her. I exteriorized very powerfully at her and the brown energy disappeared. She had a look of relief on her face.

#24 I saw a friend of mine slumped on the floor against a door. She was trying to go to a healer but he wasn’t there. I then saw the face of a hideous man, laughing evilly, stuck right in her on top of her face. I rose up and was horizontal in the air and blasted her with energy. There was a lot of energy like a flash and I was in the soma. I felt a heavy energy with me and did the VS and it left.

#104 I managed to use the VS to de-intrude myself.

Confirmed Projection – perception of an event that was later possible to confirm in the intraphysical dimension (physical reality).

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Searching Projection – Projection where the projector is looking for something, like a new house, or something they have lost.

#75 I was looking for a place to rent and projected somewhere north of the Bay Area like Sonoma or Petaluma, and was in a small house.

Joint Projection – The projector meets a known person or animal also projected.

#1 I met and spoke with a projected friend.

#6 I saw a projected friend of mine and we rode an elevator.

#7 Joe and I were projected together above the bed and had a conversation about my fears regarding survival and money.

#26 After an IIPC class I was riding an elevator with another student from the class, and I saw some other members of the class in a group on the floor we landed on.

#27 Joe and I were riding in a Rover an then climbed up a long ladder together.

#54 I was projected with Joe. Joe commented, “Why is it you always run into intruders when you project?” I got mad and pinched him and then regretted my emotional reactivity. Then a projected friend said, “There are less intruders here than in Oakland, don’t you think?” “Yes” I said. Joe and I were at their house in the country.

#55 I was in Russia and I found my friend who was in Russia physically with the Peace Corps. She was asleep; I saw her psychosoma hovering about one foot above her soma. I was afraid so I glommed on to her psychosoma for a minute, then I relaxed and let the helper fly me into the town.

#56 I saw a friend and his girlfriend, they came to warn me about an intruder.

#60 I saw my cat Gilgamesh projected – he came after me after I projected to my home of origin. I saw his silver cord going out of the back of his neck, it was light blue and I could see it trailing after him for a couple feet before it disappeared. I heard him meowing to me. He bounded across the yard like he had been here before.

#67 Joe and I projected to an extraphysical city.

#74 I saw a friend of mine projected – in this case it could have been a dream image – it was unclear.

#78 I saw and spoke to a woman I had went to high school with.

#91 Joe and I projected into a room.

#94 Joe and I projected in the bedroom.

#96 Conversation with Joe, both projected. I said, “I saw you projected. Do you know what you do when you are projected? You read! You just read and read the whole time! That’s why you know so much when you wake up!” He looked like he didn’t know he read, or that he projected, or that he was projected right at that moment.

#97 I went to my home of origin. Both of my cats were sitting peacefully in the tall wavy grass in the yard.

Confirmed Joint Projection – The projector meets a known person also projected with lucidity and both individuals remember it.

#95. Joe and I were standing next to each other in a place that looked like a bus or train station. Some policemen walked by. When I woke up, I asked Joe what he remembered of being projected. He said nothing. Then he started to remember something. I said, “Were there policemen?” He said, “Yes now I remember policemen.” I asked, “What color were their uniforms?” He said, “Blue, definitely blue.” Their uniforms had been a vibrant blue color.

Another Consciousness Encounter Projection – The projector encounters another consciousness during this projection.

#3. I met with some aliens.

#10 I met an Asian artist and was asking him questions – he was an extraphysical teacher.

#28 I was projected and I didn’t have my psychosoma together and I looked really weird – also had a lot of holochakra on me so it was easy for the extraphysicals to tell I was projected and some were making fun of me and laughing.

#55 I was walking with a procession of people to a temple – they seemed to be extraphysical but nobody heard when I spoke so maybe they were physical.

#93 I was hanging out with an extraphysical man. He was in his garage and had just finished giving me directions to a place I wanted to see. I was standing in the driveway. I lost one of my sneakers and was putting it back on. He looked at me and said, “You’re a baby – The way you have your hair, and losing your sneaker – you must be a beginner.” I looked at him and said, “Yes, I am. I do everything very gradually, little by little.”

Psychotic Post Mortem Encounter Projection – The projector sees a psychotic post mortem or intruder.

#55 I saw a woman who looked like she was sleep walking in the street – she was almost mindless.

#78 I visited a clinic – there were some sick consciousnesses in the small waiting room, and there was a hallway with small rooms in it. I looked into one and a man laid sprawled out on the floor – he was in rags.

#101 I was physically lying on my stomach. I turned my psychosoma around in my soma and got up and went to the front door. I opened it all the way and there was this man there with deformed arms. He had two right arms and the lower one branched out into two forearms. One of these was holding a knife. His left arm was small and deformed and held up into the air. He said, “I’m not here for you.” I didn’t know what he meant by that but I just went around him and out the door and flew up into the air. The guy was probably here for Joe’s PENTA.

Helper Encounter Projection – The projector sees a helper.

#2 Lecture by some type of Native American Indian helper.

#31 Healer in Russia

#55 I was led by a helper to the temple.

#68 I saw the helper helping me fly.

Animal Encounter projection – The projector saw an animal.

#25 I saw some cats.

#32 I picked up my cat who was projected and carried him and then put him down – he looked surprised.

#46 I saw my Mom’s dog in the yard, and then I also saw a rabbit who had died long time ago, still sitting in the yard where he always sat before he died.

#60 I saw my cat projected with the silver cord.

#74 I saw my cat sitting on the ceiling calmly looking around – that was quite funny

#75 I saw a dog who suddenly was like stuck in time – he was completely still in space for a few minutes. Then he came alive, saw me, and started barking and running after me which scared me and I returned to the soma.

#97 I saw both my cats sitting in the grass.

Reencounter Projection – The projector meets a friend or loved one who has passed away.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Precognitive Projection – The projector acquires knowledge of a future event.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Traumatic Projection – A projection that the projector may consider to have been traumatic.

#26 The girl gang scared me and I returned to the soma. Not all that traumatic just scary to me at the time.

#32 I kept finding myself on this road with electrical currents shooting overhead and the place filled me with dread and I couldn’t seem to get out. For some reason this scared me a lot at the time. I was being manipulated by my fears.

#33 I was taken in a ball of psychosomas to a cave and we were released and put in situations that would make us aggressive. I went there three times and on the third time gained lucidity and realized what had been happening – the place was a very negative place.

#48. I was projected and I went to this place that resembled the bed where Joe and I were sleeping except Joe wasn’t there. It was behind a curtain like our bed was. I went in and lay down. Then someone came to the other side of the curtain. I said, “Joe – is that you – Come in and join me!” The curtain parted and this man I didn’t know came in and put his arms and upper body over the left side of my body over my ribs and part on my stomach. I was shocked and immediately began the VS but he was attached like a leach and there was nothing I could do. I desperately tried everything I knew and in a moment he left and I woke up feeling utterly drained. This man had looked frightened; he looked like a drug addict that was desperate for his next fix. He looked surprised that I completely saw him, as if he was used to getting his fix from people who are unaware. The left side of my body hurt for a period of time afterwards.

#56 I was projected with Joe and we were making love in this big room with a lot of light and white bed covers. I was not very lucid but it was so nice to be intimate. Then I began to notice the energy of this Joe was not really like Joe. I began to become more lucid and I was walking outside the room. My friend and his girlfriend came and said, “You should be careful about that guy.” I realized that that had been a really yucky guy disguising himself as Joe. I was shocked and did the VS as much as I could.

#69 I was with a young man in a car. He kept making sexual advances at me. I knew I needed to resist and wait for Joe to come back from wherever he was. But I was getting drawn in. He began to touch me and I was going to give in but then I sensed a presence to my right. “Wait a minute – there’s an intruder here!” I yelled and I stood straight up. The kid disappeared and the car too and I was in a room in a house I didn’t recognize. I exteriorized and tried to do the VS. The VS was weak but I managed to clear the whole room. Then I was in my body and woke up – I looked up and there was a large (physical) owl sitting right outside the window.

#86 I did some energy exercises. When I lay down to go to sleep I began dreaming I was standing by a new white VW van – very nice. I kept feeling the presence of energies I didn’t like so I kept doing the VS. I realized I could stop dreaming and project so I worked my way out of my body. I saw an image of Joe standing in the room although he had no face. I pushed him by putting both hands on his shoulders and attempting to exteriorize from my entire body at him. He went away. I then was out of my body and on the rug. I crawled and crawled and crawled, out the bedroom and through the living room. I kept my eyes closed and head ducked down, I didn’t want to see the intruders. Suddenly, probably after I left the area I had done all the energy work, next to the door out of the living room, I felt a sharp excruciating pain go from the top of my head straight back, like I got a jolt of electricity shot into my head. It hurt a lot and I snapped back into the soma. I felt my body heat up and my legs vibrating somewhat with the energy of having been projected. I don’t know what that was. I asked myself, “Was my psychosoma or soma head hit?” I knew that you can feel both simultaneously. I thought it was the psychosoma because where I had been crawling I had felt the presence of something in front of me like I had run into something. Also, I had felt the presence of more intruders out there than near the soma, although I did feel some there also. I held my head with my hand. I still felt a slight coldness and ache on the top of my head. I did not project again; I was very tired from using all my energy to project that one time.

#102. When I was in Rio in the hotel there were tons of intruders. One night I managed to project myself out of the soma onto the floor. I was crawling along the floor when they said, “Oh no you don’t!” They attacked me and sent a spasm of pain through my psychosoma and I went back into the soma.

#104 After returning from Rio there were tons of intruders around me. I tried to project anyway. I did the VS and left my body and went into the living room. I had to focus on moving forward. All was dark. I got a sharp pain in the center of my back and it was like trying to pull me back. I went back and did the VS even more. I knew this pain was caused by an attack from intruders. I did manage to leave my body successfully with no more interference several times after this.

Forced Projection – provoked by accident, drugs, trauma, pain.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

In-motion projection – Projection while the projector is moving – walking, for example, or doing some physical activity.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Exoprojection – outside planet earth

#3 I found myself entering a spaceship with tons of colored lights.

#6 I managed to project myself into the sun’s energy field.

Retrocognitive Projection – Projection with remembrance of past lives.

#31 I was in Russia and a healer was helping me remember past lives in Russia.

Intermissive Retrocognitive Projection – Projection with remembrance of any of the periods between lives.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

mentalsoma projection

mentalsoma projection

Mentalsoma Projection – Projection of the mentalsoma.

#61 Mentalsoma – High Velocity 12/6/99

I did the Vibrational State for 45 minutes and then lay down on a mat. I was suddenly in the kitchen, and then suddenly I was going somewhere so fast it felt like the speed of light. The takeoff was so sudden and there was a feeling of whirring – a kind of high velocity energy. I started to fly through the energetic dimensions at an incredible rate of speed. The strange sensation of extreme speed scared me and I returned to the soma.

#65 Possible Mentalsoma (Ambiguous) – Looking out Window 12/99

I felt myself lifting out of my body. I used my will to focus on the window, my target. I had some projective experiences in the room in front of the window. I went back to the soma. I found my psychosoma was sitting up – I entered the psychosoma first and then lay down and went into the soma. The reason this could be a mentalsoma projection is because of how I returned first into the psychosoma, and then into the soma.

#74. Possible Mentalsoma – Heightened Lucidity 2/26/00

I was lying in a bed in the corner of the living room and I stood up easily from what I thought was the physical soma. Actually, there was no bed in the living room – I was laying down in my psychosoma and took off in the mentalsoma. I was walking towards the door when I went back into what I thought was the soma in the corner of the living room. Irritated, I sat up and looked around. I was surprised to see this long painting with two white figures near the bottom – I thought it was very pretty and reminded me of my childhood. On the left was another large painting – I was sure I had created it.

I lay back down and immediately got up and out of the soma, really the psychosoma. I was surprised at how fast and easy it was. (I think the exit of the mentalsoma is more effortless, and the exit of the psychosoma involves more effort so this is a clue it could be the mentalsoma).

I went outside this time. I went through the door and walked down the stairs. The yard looked different. All the vegetation was very crisp to my vision – I saw very clearly. I felt like I was existing in the very center of my head and I could perceive everything much better than usual. I was super-aware. I willed myself to remain calm and lucid. I got into the yard and could hear the birds – very loud and beautiful. I looked at the bushes and the leaves were very vibrant and clear. I knew I could go through them if I wanted. I was about to attempt to fly up and over the bushes to see what else was here when Joe yanked the covers and suddenly I was back in my soma in the bedroom. I was very annoyed.

#78. Possible Mentalsoma – Parked Psychosoma 3/30/00 7AM

I projected into a room. I was speaking to a girl I had known in High School. I told her I had to project. I was aware of needing to be someplace and didn’t want to waste any time. I lay down on the bed and momentarily projected in the mentalsoma. I projected to an extraphysical clinic. After looking inside at the patients I returned to the soma.

Cosmo-Consciousness Projection – projection during which there is an experience of cosmo-consciousness.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

May 1, 2014 / newsynapse

40 Types of Projections (Out-of-Body Experiences)

Out-of-Body Travels

A projection of the consciousness is another term for an out-of-body experience.  The first 32 items on this list come from the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), followed by 8 of my own terms at the end. I got this list back in 2001. The IAC may have updated their list based on research done in the last 13 years; if I can find a copy of the updated list I will edit this to reflect it.

40 Types of Projections

  1. Spontaneous Projection – Natural exit from the body, without intention, not provoked, unconscious exit.
  2. Willful Projection – An intentional and planned out-of-body projection – conscious willed exit.
  3. Partial Projection – Only part of your psychosoma was projected outside the soma.
  4. Blind Projection – You knew you were projected but couldn’t see anything.
  5. Semi-lucid Projection – You were only partially lucid.
  6. Loaded Projection – Projection in which you felt heavy, without much lucidity, and without control of your flight or flotation, as if in a slow-motion film.
  7. Interrupted Projection – Something forced your return.
  8. Consecutive Projection – You went out, back to your body and then left again.
  9. Recurrent Projection – This is a projection to a place you have been before.
  10. Continuous Consciousness Projection – No lapse in lucidity from exiting the soma to physically waking up.
  11. Projection out of a Dream – You were dreaming, became lucid, and projected out of your body.
  12. Leisure Projection – Projection for pleasure, relaxation, mental hygiene, or extraphysical touring.
  13. Experimental Projection – Conscious experimentation outside the body, such as, touching the silver cord, creating an effect on physical matter, elongating the astral body, changing appearances, etc.
  14. Assisted Projection – leaving the body with the help of another consciousness
  15. Educational Projection – Another consciousness guides you to learn something
  16. Assistential Projection – Projection for the purpose of helping.
  17. Cleansing Projection – Projection with the purpose of cleansing an environment, your own soma, etc.
  18. De-Intrusion Projection – Projection for the purpose of de-intruding another consciousness or yourself.
  19. Confirmed Projection – perception of an event that was later possible to confirm in the intraphysical dimension.
  20. Searching Projection – Projection where you are looking for something – like a new house, or something you have lost.
  21. Joint Projection – You met a known person or animal also projected.
  22. Confirmed Joint Projection – You met a known person also projected with lucidity and you both remembered it.
  23. Reencounter Projection – You met a friend or loved one who had passed away.
  24. Precognitive Projection – You acquired knowledge of a future event.
  25. Traumatic Projection – A projection that you may consider to have been traumatic.
  26. Forced Projection – Provoked by accident, drugs, trauma, pain (one type of forced projection is the Near Death Experience).
  27. In-motion projection – Projection while you were moving – walking, for example, or doing some physical activity.
  28. Exoprojection – Projection outside planet earth.
  29. Retrocognitive Projection – Projection during which one recuperates a memory(s) of past lives.
  30. Intermissive Retrocognitive Projection – Projection during which one recuperates a memory(s) of any of the periods between lives.
  31. Mentalsoma Projection – Projection of the mentalsoma.
  32. Cosmo-Consciousness Projection – Expansion of the consciousness (Samadhi, Satori, Nirvana, Cosmic Consciousness) occurs while projected outside the soma (body).
  33. (My Term) VS Takeoff –  Projection in which the Vibrational State was used to enable the takeoff.
  34. (My Term) Dream Elements Projection (Self-generated Visual Elements, Partial Oneiric Images Projection) – There were a few elements that came from your imagination within a real environment.
  35. (My Term) Another Consciousness Encounter Projection – You encountered another consciousness during this projection.
  36. (My Term) Psychotic Post Mortem Encounter Projection – You saw a psychotic post mortem.
  37. (My Term) Helper Encounter Projection – You saw a helper.
  38. (My Term) Animal Encounter Projection – You saw an animal.
  39. (My Term) Morphothosene Projection – You created something using your will, out of energy, in an extraphysical dimension. This is different from a dream because other extraphysical and projected consciousnesses can see it, whereas a dream is like a hallucinsation that is not necessarily visible to others.
  40. (My Term) Visually Self-encapsulated Projection (Dream Encapsulated Projection, Total Oneiric Images Projection) – projection in which one only sees dream images, but is located in an extraphysical locale (And may hear, touch, sense the locale or other consciousnesses even while not seeing it/them)
Out-of-Body Travels

Out-of-Body Travels

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OBE Questionnaire – 10 Questions for Rating Your OBEs

Out-of-body Experience

This is a list of 10 criteria I use to evaluate my OBE Accounts.

If unfamiliar with some terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms

OBE Questionnaire

Title of Projection:
Did you apply a projective technique?
If so, what was it?
Physical Position:
Physiological state:
Psychological state:

Please rate your projection on a scale from 1-10 in the following areas:

1. Preparation. How well did you prepare yourself to project?
0 – I did not do any preparation at all.
5 – I did some energy exercises, for example, but had not planned in advance to project at this time.
10 – I executed thorough and effective planning for this OBE, for example I planned on a time, prepared my environment to be optimal, and used a projective technique.

2. Energy Quality. What was the quality of your energy?
0 – While projected my energy was dense and encumbering or weak and inadequate.
10 – I had an optimal amount of high quality energy which enabled effective locomotion and use of will to perform actions during the course of this OBE.

3. Energetic Control. How well were you able to manage and manipulate energy?
0 – I did not manage energy consciously at all and did not remember what I know about energetic management.
5 – I made attempts at managing energy. It was a struggle for me. I had partial success.
10 – I was in control of the state of my energy, and could perform all desired actions, e.g. vibrational state and exteriorization, with a high degree of effectiveness.

4. Perception. How was your vision (frontal chakra) and other perceptive capacities?
0 – I could not perceive the surroundings. The environment was obscured from my perception. I was experiencing problems perceiving clearly.
5 – Mediocre/ Variable. I struggled to perceive part of the time and I could perceive well part of the time.
8 – I could perceive clearly and the environment appeared to be the correct illumination. I was aware of detail in all the things I could see.
10 – I could perceive better than in the waking state

5. Lucidity. How aware were you of being in the projected state?
2 – Semi-conscious
4 – Doubts – Was this a projection or not?
6 – Certainty to have experienced a projection
8 – Lucidity equal to that of the waking state in the physical dimension
10 – Superconsciousness, greater than that experienced during the waking state

6. Continuous Consciousness. How aware were you during take-off and return?
0 – I had a brief or lengthy loss of lucidity (parapsycholepsy) before arriving at my destination and was not
lucid during the return to the soma.
5. I was lucid either during takeoff or return but not both.
10 – I maintained awareness continuously from the soma to my destination and back to the soma.

7. Level-headedness/Discernment. Were you cool headed or reacting with emotionality?
0 – I reacted emotionally to things. I was unreasonably afraid, paranoid, overly trusting and gullible, euphoric, etc.
5 – Variable. I reacted emotionally half the time, and used my mentalsoma and good judgment half the time.
10 – My actions and decisions arose from my mentalsoma. I used my best judgment. My thought processes occurred in the way they do while in the waking state.

8. Target. Did you set a target and reach it?
0 – After finding myself in the projected state, I had some experiences. There was no conscious planning.
8 – After finding myself in the projected state I decided on a target and successfully reached my target.
10 – I planned on a target before projecting and successfully reached my target.

9. Recall. How is your recall of the projection?
0 – I had a fragmentary memory of this projection.
5 – I had an equal mixture of fragmentary and integrated memory of this projection.
10 – I had a completely integrated, or in-block memory of this projection.

10. Record. Did you take quality notes of this projection?
0 – I did not take notes
5 – I did take notes but not immediately, and did not include some details.
10 – I took notes as soon as I possibly could. I included as many details as possible (detailed descriptions of appearance of places and other consciousnesses, sensations, sounds, emotions, thoughts etc.). I did not elaborate on anything based on assumptions but stuck to pure scientific observations. I stated when I was making an inference about something.

Add up your score and keep it for your records.

TOTAL:______of 100

Note: If I were to turn this into a really accurate scientific questionnaire I would adjust some things. I would have each question weighted as to its relevance to the overall score. For example, the Lucidity of the OBE (#5) should have more weight than the other items. I would make sure all answers of number 10 would be equivalent in weight to “beyond waking consciousness,” as it is in question 5. This could be expanded on to include more questions as well.

Out-of-body Experience

Out-of-body Experience

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Waldo Vieira “Be Confident”

Be Confident

I find this quote from Waldo Vieira to be so wonderful I had to create a graphic out of it:

Be Confident

I will paste it in the post as well:

“Be confident in yourself and your potentialities. You are greater than you think. You have various intelligences and memories, and you can change your ego. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, as long as you do not act against the rights of others. You are not in this world in order to suffer. Religion likes suffering and sells it to others. Do not continue to do work that you are against, that you do not like and with which you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Change your life for the better. This is the most important attitude to have. You are not your body, but a consciousness that masters the energy of the mentalsoma. Have confidence in your strength. Goodwill and good intention are not enough. Be discerning. Perceive the difference between that which is true and false. Stay true to that which is intelligent; forget that which is outdated. Control your consciential micro-universe and be determined that you are going to be progressively more centered, have greater self-mastery, feel better, and help others and yourself much more.”

Waldo Vieira, MD

Waldo Vieira is the founder of the sciences projectiology and conscientiology. Follow these links for more information about him:

short biography

wikipedia article

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Science and Scientism


scienceScience is:

“The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.”
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

According to Charles Tart (March 30, 1997),

“Scientism… is a perversion of genuine science. Scientism in our time consists of a dogmatic commitment to a materialist philosophy that “explains away” the spiritual rather than actually examining it carefully and trying to understand it (Wellmuth, 1944). Because people caught in scientism have an emotional attachment to a totally materialistic view of the world, they won’t really look at data like Near Death Experiences that imply a spiritual, non-material side to reality. They don’t recognize that their belief that everything can be explained in purely material terms should be treated like any scientific theory, i.e. it should be subject to continual test and modified or rejected when found wanting.”

– Charles T. Tart, Six Studies of Out of the Body Experiences [This article is in press with the Journal of Near Death Studies, as of March 30, 1997.]

The phenomena of the energetic dimensions is worthy of a thorough investigation, and it is this new frontier that the boldest scientists are researching. This expansion is a natural result of scientific curiosity and the drive to explore the unknown: as the physical world becomes more and more categorized and well-examined, the next arena is naturally the nonphysical, energetic realms. After all, energy is a phenomenon that we encounter every day.

Scientism is, in short, science in which the materialistic paradigm has become a dogma.

“Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.[1] It serves as part of the primary basis of an ideology, nationalism or belief system, and it cannot be changed or discarded without affecting the very system’s paradigm, or the ideology itself.”
– Wikipedia

Science, in the academic community, is severely stunted in its growth by the prevalence of scientism. This prejudice against energetic, nonphysical phenomena stands in the way of true scientific neutrality and objectivity in this area. This utter refusal to even look at certain phenomena is not a scientific stance. It is convention based on fears, cognitive distortions, logical fallacies, and intellectual and emotional attachments.


I believe this prejudice has many causes, but could it partially be due to the cognitive distortion “over-generalization”?

Psychiatrist Dr. David Burns was able to delineate ten strong human tendencies towards illogical, irrational thinking. Over-generalization is one of these Ten Cognitive Distortions he compiled.

It is true that the members of our society who have commonly investigated these energetic, paranormal phenomena have many times been incoherent, religious, and superstitious, and have ended up making untrue claims. Pseudoscience. Magic. Voodoo. Witchcraft. Soothsayers and Fortune Tellers. Tricks and Schemes. Fantasy and Imagination.

The scientist is naturally skeptic, using the strong traits of logic and reasoning to cut through this nonsense. However, it is not logical and is not good reasoning to form a prejudice against the phenomena based on these motley messengers. It is over-generalization to say that, “As the individual expressing their views is superstitious, incoherent or inexact, so are the phenomena.” Such is not necessarily the case. The over-generalization, “If I take these phenomena seriously, I too am superstitious, incoherent or inexact,” is equally illogical.

Whenever a scientist discounts the world of the paranormal, the scientist is in that moment not a scientist. As I have just pointed out, he or she may actually be an irrational thinker, using over-generalization to place a stigma that belongs on the messengers onto the observed phenomena as well.

There are many other factors of course.

Fear of the Unknown

Could it be that on an unconscious level some scientists fear phenomena that relate to multidimensionality and energy?

By discounting anything mysterious that exists beyond the physical universe, perhaps they preserve their sense of a secure and predictable exterior reality. By maintaining the belief system of scientism, they may continue to exist as big shots in a small universe rather than neophytes just beginning to catalog a vast, unknown universe beyond the visible, tangible world.

Other possible reasons for scientism:

– Do scientists treat materialistic science as a religion, unconsciously holding onto it just as a religious person holds onto their beliefs?

– Could arrogance, reputation and appearance be involved? If proved wrong, would it make them look bad?

What do you think causes scientists to suffer from scientism?

Heidi Hanson 6/1/03

explore the universe

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Relationship Compatibility Illustration

Relationship Compatibility

Relationship CompatibilityThis is an image of some aspects of relationship compatibility – roughly based on information from the classes over at Higher Alignment in Boulder, CO.

Note that generally, the relationship would be either compatible or incompatible. If there is a lot of incompatibility, there is usually no co-creativity and energy being generated. So this illustration is of a strange couple that does not exist in the real world.

Compatibility Factors

Following is a list of the areas that can be either compatible or incompatible (I copied this from the Higher Alignment website)

“…here are fifteen Higher Alignment compatibility factors that empower participants to notice, accept and love themselves more fully. The fifteen factors are:

1) Primary Creative Expression (one of seven types);

2) Pacing (the tempo of how we assimilate our experience);

3) Communication Process a method of organizing and prioritizing our feelings, thoughts, and actions (seven sequence options);

4) Decision-Making Approach (one of five types of problem solving);

5) WorldView (where are we in our lessons);

6) Secondary Creative Expression (one of seven types);

7) Defense Style (one of nine possibilities);

8) Mental Body Intelligence (one of seven safety patterns);

9) Pretenses (four patterns);

10) Creative Expression Imprinting;

11) Goals (one of seven emotional types);

12) Modes (three or four of seven priorities);

13) Attitudes (one of seven time-orientations);

14) Birth Order (one of seven family roles) and

15) Body Types (three or four of seven shapes).”


Note – NVC and CNG are both tools for harmonizing incompatible areas:

NVC = Nonviolent Communication

CNG = Common Neutral Ground