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May 8, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 10. A Nonphysical Art Teacher Creates Machines That Repair Energy Fields

art studio

These OBE Accounts are written using technical terms from the science of conscientiology (the scientific study of the consciousness). If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms.

This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Educational, Another Consciousness Encounter

February 16, 1998

Extraphysical Period

I became aware that I was projected in a nonphysical dimension. I entered through a door into a large room that appeared to be an art studio or wood working workshop. The room had decent illumination and I could see to the wall on the other side. The room had no windows, but was filled with equipment, counters, art supplies and various objects. Sitting on the concrete floor were large machines for making things out of metal and wood.

art studio

I walked into the room and noticed sawdust and debris littered the floor. I turned to my left and faced that wall. From this vantage point, to my right in the corner was a large computer, bigger than a washing machine. In front of me was an opening into another room, about four doorways wide. There was equipment blocking most of that opening, so I couldn’t see into that space. To the left of the opening was another computer-like machine. On the wall above the opening, and to the right and left, were things that had been printed from the computers: diagrams, art, and colored shapes.

A very friendly Asian man met me and as I looked at his work, I inquired,

“Will you show me how to depict the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions?”

“Well, sure,” he replied, and went into the room beyond the opening in the wall and came back with some small rectangular metal trays (about 4 inches long) with wood and metal glued in particular ways inside.

The first tray he showed me looked like an abacus.



It was actually a “door”. He told me, “When I first began teaching, I showed my students this, and I realized it was too complex. So I started with this.” He showed me something with only wooden parts, then something else with wooden parts and metal balls added. It looked rather like a strange landscape.

I thought to myself, “Well, perhaps this is better than going to see X (artist friend).”

Just then, the janitor entered with a big vacuum cleaner to vacuum up all the sawdust. The vacuum was set wrong so the Asian man had to show him the correct settings. I felt like maybe this odd distraction was meant to deter me from accessing this particular information.

When the Asian man came back, he showed me a computer that he said was “designed to repair energetic fields.” He began showing me how to use it but for some reason, most likely a noise or something, I returned to the soma. I remember the last thing I saw was a graph with red lines that went up and down.


1. Holomemory. There was, in this OBE, a moment when I was apparently connected to my holomemory. I asked about drawing the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions. Art and sacred geometry are areas I am interested in my intraphysical existence, but I never thought specifically about the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. In fact, I don’t even know what they are.

2. Equipment. This nonphysical consciousness appears to have been someone interested in designing and creating nonphysical machines, computers, etc., for various purposes. Do they have machines that repair energetic fields in the extraphysical dimension? How do they work?

3. Janitor. It is interesting to note that in certain places in the extraphysical dimension, consciousnesses might take a job; it must be a comfort to be performing familiar duties and feeling useful, helping at their level.

4. Cleaning. I wonder why there needed to be a vacuum cleaner to clean energetic sawdust. And a vacuum cleaner with settings, much like a physical vacuum cleaner.

5. Educational. If I had been more lucid, I could have obtained more information from this teacher. He seemed like he could have given me information about art, energy, healing, and energetic computers and equipment.

6. Paranoia. I exhibited some paranoia, which I think indicates I had a level of lucidity lower than that of daily waking life. I was paranoid that the janitor was some kind of planned interruption specifically to thwart me in my objective for this OBE. The janitor was most likely just cleaning. I think this experience of increased fear and paranoia falls under the category of over-emotionality that can occur during an OBE, an amplification of an emotion that in daily life would not occur or would only occur in a very mild manner.

OBE Questionnaire

Date: 2/16/98
Time: unknown
Title of Projection: Meeting with a Teacher
Did you apply a projective technique? No
If so, what was it?
Climate: unknown
Physical Position: unknown
Physiological state: unknown
Psychological state: unknown

1. Preparation. 0
2. Energy Quality. 5
3. Energetic Control. 0
4. Perception. 8
5. Lucidity. 6
6. Continuous Consciousness. 5
7. Level-headedness. 5
8. Target. 0
9. Recall. 8
10. Record. 3

TOTAL: 40 of 100


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