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May 2, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 4. Seventh Root Race Children’s School – Lessons on Fear and Victim Consciousness


This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Leisure, Educational, Assistential, Another Consciousness Encounter

Extraphysical Period

November 28, 1997.

I went to a “temple” in the middle of New York City. It was actually a little room, like an office room. A group of four was already in deep discussion. I remembered that we were planning to go on a journey to see ancient sacred sites. I was a little late but not too late. The main presenter arrived and started by showing us some slides of places, and lecturing about many interesting things pertaining to each one. I remember there was one built in the ice and each time the ice shifted or melted, they had to build a new one, or change the old one. It was incredibly beautiful. I spontaneously decided to leave, unfortunately, before going on the trip (!) I felt like I just had too many things on my agenda that I wanted to do.

I was with a woman who works with the “seventh root race” children (supposedly children incarnating from an advanced planetary system (called Trinity), making up the “seventh root race” to live on this planet, here for the purpose of assistance. This is according to certain spiritual teachers I was in contact with in my waking life.). I wanted to see where they hang out in the extraphysical dimensions. This woman took me on a long journey along country roads to a place that could have been one place the seventh root racers spend time. As we neared the place, which looked like the grounds of a school located in the countryside, several children came up to meet her and she went off with them. I believe that in real life she is a caretaker or teacher with these children.

I was alone now outside the school grounds, in a field of green grasses. A little girl came running up to see who I was.


Because I was without fear, she immediately saw who I really was and smiled and said, “Hi!” But then I realized I was with one of these “advanced” children, and I became afraid, and felt a sense of low self-esteem. I said, “What’s your name?” but she had run off. Because of my apprehension, she couldn’t “see” me anymore.

I walked over to the school and came into a small courtyard. There was a picnic table in it, and a man was sitting there. I went up to the table and noticed that energetically, he had many bad attitudes. We began talking and he went into a self-reflective state, and told me about the life he had that recently ended. It seemed like as he told me the negative things, I “collected them like pieces of skin he was discarding, and I threw them out” (this was my description from my journal.).

This guy had truly been a complete jerk in his life – an abusive father, repressive member of the military, TV addict. These were the energies he was discarding with my assistance. Or maybe he just wanted someone to talk to, and I was trying to help him improve his energies. It was one of those incidents on the border of assistance and being taken advantage of because I didn’t have enough lucidity about the nature of the guy’s situation to make a completely conscious choice. In retrospect it seems like it was a good opportunity to do assistance, and I just took advantage of the fact that I had some skills in order to help easily. It did not drain or inconvenience me.

After that I went up to the main office of the school. This was a building that looked like a wood house, with a plain grayish brown worn wood stairway up to the second floor. The female manager / head teacher was in her office talking on the phone. I was waiting for her to have a minute because I wanted to ask if I could teach with the seventh root race children. I already sensed that I wasn’t quite ready.

The guy came up behind me and asked the teacher, “Can I borrow some clay tools?” I told him, “No!” because I still perceived him as “evil,” like he used to be. I didn’t trust him one bit with those clay tools. The teacher said, “Go ahead and take them.” She was too busy to even think about it, but I could tell she trusted him. Perhaps in his current state he was trustworthy, but I had been perceiving him as he was in his past.

I decided to check out the rest of the premises. I left the office and walked to the other side of the courtyard which was a large grassy area with some trees beyond the edges. There was an area with several large wooden decks (grayish worn wood decks without railings) where all different kinds of people were hanging out. There were drummers, crafts people, and entertainers, all performing or teaching the children. I didn’t see a lot of children, so this must only have been one place they commonly hang out, and they engage in different activities elsewhere. I wanted so badly to be a teacher.

I stood there in my bathrobe watching the people. I think that night I was sleeping with nothing on so I used my mind to put my bathrobe on. A man who was on the sidelines came over and sneered, “I’ve always wanted one like you.” He was a big, hairy, possessive brute. Immediately I was scared of this energy. He walked away and I hung my head to avoid him. I looked up and he was amongst the people so I chose to ignore him. He was a victimizer and I was afraid of becoming a victim. But the next lesson I learned in this place showed me I never have to be a victim again, if I choose not to be.

I was just hanging out on the deck and a skinny Sufi guy claimed to be teaching, through certain demonstrations, about “enlightenment”. So, after I had been watching for a minute, he asked me if I wanted to be part of a lesson on trust. I said O.K. and he held me very close to him and we began spinning, horizontally, a couple feet up off the deck. I was afraid the back of my robe was opening to reveal my naked body, but it wasn’t. I just held on. I was never merged with him; he kept good energetic boundaries. But I was completely in sync with him, completely present, completely trusting, completely with him on all levels, yet maintaining my sense of wholeness in myself. So I trusted him 100%, completely without fear, and this is why we didn’t fall. But for a split second a doubt entered my mind, and we fell to the deck. So that was the end of the lesson – but I had learned what I needed to.

Next, he had us sit in lotus positions, and he demonstrated levitation. I couldn’t master it; I needed to “breathe faster and deeper.”

At the very end, someone told me I had met this man in Oakland. He had been homeless and had asked me for some money. At that time, he was coming from a “Type B” place. This referred to victim-consciousness, fear, and low self-esteem. This meant that even if I had given him money, nothing would have changed for him. But now, apparently he had shifted and didn’t even need to beg for any money. He was in a whole different reality now (“Type A” perhaps).


Why I believe this was an OBE.
I believe this was an OBE (not a dream) because of the level of control and lucidity I had regarding making choices. I felt like I was traveling to new places and meeting new people and was completely able to decide for myself what to do. I was also thinking and reasoning about my experiences similar to in daily life, but a little less lucid. For example, in the beginning I had some kind of agenda that made me leave the presentation but I don’t recall what the thought process was behind that, also I was not 100% lucid regarding the man speaking about his previous lifetime, so I would say this was a little bit below waking daily life lucidity.

Lessons About Fear, Trust, and Victim Consciousness.
In this OBE there were some lessons related to fear. The first was that “who I truly am” was obscured and could not be seen by the girl after I became ashamed and afraid, thinking she was more “advanced.” The feeling of fear did absolutely nothing but hinder my ability to interact, learn and communicate with her. Therefore I never gained any of the information from her that I would have had I remained free of fear and shame. Thus, fear made this a somewhat lower quality OBE in terms of missing the potential there was for me to learn and gain from the experience.

The second lesson was with the Sufi who was spinning with me above the deck. I don’t totally understand this lesson now although at the time it was clear. I think it had to do with feeling trust in existence rather than fear and how that would protect one from being a victim and falling into a Type B or a victim self-perception based existence.

There was another lesson about being a victim. A sexual predator type consciousness came up to me insinuating he wanted to take advantage of me. Probably I attracted him to myself based on my energetic profile. My energetic profile had a mixture of victim and non-victim energies. Throughout the OBE I kept switching between different states – being my true self, having trust, feeling desire, feeling shame, feeling like a victim and feeling fear. Depending on which place I was, it would change the energies I was exuding into my aura, and it would change my resonance. The characteristics of the resonance generated in each moment attracted or repelled different people and experiences that resonated or did not resonate with those energies.

Two Things from the Intraphysical Dimension.
A couple of things that seem incongruent with an OBE: Why was the manager “on the phone”? I know many extraphysical locales set up tools and settings that mimic what we are accustomed to in the intraphysical, but it always seems strange to me to see people using these replicas in the extraphysical dimensions. Other examples are cars, public transportation like buses, furniture, houses, knick knacks etc.

The other thing was when the Sufi talked about “breathing”. We have no lungs or breath in the extraphysical dimension, but he could have been referring to the absorption and exteriorization of energies as if breathing, in a fast and powerful manner that brings about a more robust energetic field that one can use for flying or levitating.

OBE Questionnaire

1. Preparation. 0

2. Energy Quality. 7

3. Energetic Control. 6

4. Perception. 8

5. Lucidity. 7

6. Continuous Consciousness. 4

7. Level-headedness. 5

8. Target. 2

9. Recall. 7

10. Record. 6

TOTAL: 52 of 100


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