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  1. fujirox / Sep 7 2014 3:43 pm

    hello mystery writer!!

    i must have found you via a google search for conscientiology. thank you for your posts re: this subject.

    i imagine you take courses at IAC NY. i’ll be there in oct for a course; it would be nice to connect w/ you.

    i’m sorry, i don’t see a link to send you a private message so i’m writing here.

    thank you, take good care.


    • newsynapse / Sep 7 2014 11:42 pm

      Hi Patrice! You must be going to Advanced 2. Is that right? That is a very good course. I am not in NYC anymore I am in North Carolina. I am working on my own consciential gestations for a while. šŸ™‚

  2. fujirox / Sep 8 2014 3:32 am

    hi heidi,

    so great to hear from you – thank you for replying!!!

    where abouts in nc? i lived in raleigh, chapel thrill, then carborro. the best memories and the best friends are in nc.

    is it okay to ask how you came to leave ny and how you came to land in nc?

    are you missing ny? what part of the state were you living in?

    does nc feel like a long-term home for you?

    soon you’ll be surrounded by the gorgeous fall foliage. lucky you!!

    yes, adv 2. and i’m still challenged w/ velo. oh, well.

    how are your private gestations going/flowing?

    all the best to you!!


    • newsynapse / Sep 17 2014 1:38 am

      hi Patrice!

      I’m just learning about how to keep up with comments on my blog.

      So I’m in Asheville NC. Not sure how long I will stay it feels temporary. I was in NYC volunteering for the IAC but it just wasn’t an agreeable place, I’m so sensitive to any pollution as I am pretty much multiply chemically sensitive at this point. Asheville is really beautiful even though it feels somewhat economically depressed.

      Where do you live?

      I’m doing a lot of writing so my gestations are going well šŸ™‚

      With the velo I am trying to get that combination of gentleness (allowing) and strong will – it takes time and remember the energy might be moving even though you can’t feel it since sometimes you are moving it but its so light/subtle you don’t know you are. But if you keep on moving the energy that you can’t really feel at a certain moment you begin to feel it. Persist!


  3. fujirox / Sep 17 2014 6:12 am

    hi heidi,

    it’s really nice to connect w/ you.

    asheville — do you ever eat at rosetta’s kitchen? i had THE BEST SOUP there. in . . . 2009? oh, and delicious vegan cookies, too. my high school friend lives in arden and a friend from los angeles lives in that old, groovy (maybe historic?) bldg in downtown asheville that has retail on the bottom floor and residential above.

    i hope you are able to feel comfortable in your skin in the environment there. where on the planet is somewhat *clean*? pac nw, i’m thinking?

    i’m so interested in your journey. where were you prior to nyc? and how did you decide upon asheville? do you have any understanding yet as to the next geographical landscape, post-nc? sounds like you are a writer and can live anywhere you choose. that’s a great thing, heidi!!

    i live in ventura but just above carpinteria (the so. end of santa barbara), 6 mi from the ocean, up in the mountains. do you know coastal ca? i’m 80 mi from santa monica, 85 from iac los angeles.

    i’d love to be close enough to an iac center to volunteer. los angeles has gotten so expensive and i can’t imagine that traffic being my *normal* ever again. i don’t care for miami (my birth city) AT ALL. i’m thinking to return to sarasota, the sw coast of fl. not by choice, merely due to pragmatism. the west coast is completely different from the east side of the state, if you’ve never experienced fl. rent is 80% less in fl than ca, so . . . . we shall see. i’ll poke around the state again in a few weeks after adv 1 in dania (where i went to jr high school).

    THANK YOU for your wise words re: velo, AND, the inspiration. you spoke EXACTLY to my issue, heidi. you. are. amazing. I WILL PERSIST!!! thank you, again.

    all the best to you — happy writing!!


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