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April 5, 2014 / newsynapse

Relationship Compatibility Illustration

Relationship Compatibility

Relationship CompatibilityThis is an image of some aspects of relationship compatibility – roughly based on information from the classes over at Higher Alignment in Boulder, CO.

Note that generally, the relationship would be either compatible or incompatible. If there is a lot of incompatibility, there is usually no co-creativity and energy being generated. So this illustration is of a strange couple that does not exist in the real world.

Compatibility Factors

Following is a list of the areas that can be either compatible or incompatible (I copied this from the Higher Alignment website)

“…here are fifteen Higher Alignment compatibility factors that empower participants to notice, accept and love themselves more fully. The fifteen factors are:

1) Primary Creative Expression (one of seven types);

2) Pacing (the tempo of how we assimilate our experience);

3) Communication Process a method of organizing and prioritizing our feelings, thoughts, and actions (seven sequence options);

4) Decision-Making Approach (one of five types of problem solving);

5) WorldView (where are we in our lessons);

6) Secondary Creative Expression (one of seven types);

7) Defense Style (one of nine possibilities);

8) Mental Body Intelligence (one of seven safety patterns);

9) Pretenses (four patterns);

10) Creative Expression Imprinting;

11) Goals (one of seven emotional types);

12) Modes (three or four of seven priorities);

13) Attitudes (one of seven time-orientations);

14) Birth Order (one of seven family roles) and

15) Body Types (three or four of seven shapes).”


Note – NVC and CNG are both tools for harmonizing incompatible areas:

NVC = Nonviolent Communication

CNG = Common Neutral Ground



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  1. Reiven West / Apr 5 2014 3:12 am

    you are so talented, I love your art! ♥

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