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May 2, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 5. Cottage Living Room – Undernourishment and Intensive Breathing Techniques

Plants encountered during OBE

These OBE Accounts are written using technical terms from the science of conscientiology (the scientific study of the consciousness). If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms.

This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Partial, Consecutive, Willful, Another Consciousness Encounter.

November 29, 1997

Prior to Projection

For three days prior to this OBE I had been experimenting with a diet called the “Light Body Diet.” I believe this diet was a major reason I was able to have an OBE. This diet was so light – consisting of only fresh fruits and vegetables – that I was technically very undernourished. Something about this allowed my energy bodies to become looser and this allowed me to leave the body easily. I stopped this diet the next day.

I went to bed at approximately 12 midnight in the dorsal position. In order to clear certain energetic blocks in my body, I practiced raising my vibration using my breath, breathing both quickly and deeply. This was an exercise I had been studying which was designed to raise the energy vibration and remove energy blockages. It was like inducing voluntary hyperventilation; in “holotropic breath work” this is called “intensive breathing.” I spent a long time working with energy in various ways. I did not know about the vibrational state at this time. I was not studying the OBE, nor was I thinking about the OBE at all during this time of my life.

Extraphysical Period

A few minutes after falling asleep, I noticed I could lift my legs up out of my body one at a time [Partial Projection]. I kept this up for a few minutes, very fascinated. I faded into sleep and all went black for a couple minutes [blackout]. Then I was standing in the room I was sleeping in [Spontaneous Projection], and my sister was there. We were happy to see each other and spent a little time talking about things I don’t remember [Another Consciousness Encounter]. Then somehow I projected an image of my psychosoma out into the space in front of me and was staring straight at myself, like in a mirror [unknown phenomenon]. I was so alarmed I woke up.

I faded into sleep again for a few minutes [blackout]. Then I found myself standing in the room again, about 5 feet from the soma [Consecutive Projection]. I was excited about being out of my body and walked into the bathroom, and then ran back into my body [heightening of emotionality when projected]. I had a low level of visual acuity; all was quite dark.

I faded into sleep again for a few minutes. I intentionally got out of my body again [Willful Projection] and saw these glowing green plant tendrils coming through the front door to the cottage from the outside (I was sleeping in the living room). I recalled having seen them before in OBEs I wasn’t aware I had experienced until this moment [Holomemory Access]. There were huge bougainvillea bushes surrounding the cottage, but none of the branches entered the door in the intraphysical dimension. Because it made no sense to have plants exist in a place where there were none physically, I assumed they were a representation of energy. They irritated me slightly, and I went up to them and pushed them out of the door.

Plants encountered during OBE

Plants encountered during OBE

At this point I was approximately 8 feet from the soma. I became aware of having my “eyes open” (clear visual perception of one area without being foggy or dark) for the first time while out of my body while I was intently focused on the tendrils. I struggled for a few minutes trying to see beyond a few feet around me. I was not able to see farther than 5 feet, probably because of the proximity to the soma (being within the 13 foot radius sphere of dense energies emanating form the soma).

After this I was looking at a large map on the floor, and decided to go to Mexico. I spent most of my time there in a gigantic Egyptian museum. I am not sure if this was still an O.B.E. as my lucidity and recall lessened at this point.


1. Lucidity. This is the second O.B.E. I had in my life in which I knew that I was out of my body when I was out of my body, and I remembered it clearly when I woke up.

2. High Level of Motivation. On this evening I happened to be extremely determined to clear my energy body. This demonstrates the power of raising the level of determination and motivation to a very high level if one wants to prepare the energy body for an OBE.

3. Very Long Time Doing Energy Work. The long period of energy work served to loosen the energosoma (the energetic glue holding the psychosoma in the soma aka holochakra) completely and let my psychosoma separate freely. This demonstrates the power of spending a long time focused on unblocking energies. For example, if one spends 10 minutes it may not result in an OBE, whereas 1 hour may result in an OBE, depending on how many energy blockages there are.

4. Breathing Technique.  I used a breathing technique to help loosen the energosoma. This demonstrates that one can use the breath as a tool or crutch to help one learn how to move the energies of the energosoma. The student projector can experiment with various breathing exercises as techniques for leaving the body and find out if they work or not. It is important, however, not to become dependent on breathing exercises, or to develop a psychological link between the breath and energetic work, because in the extraphysical dimensions we do not have lungs or breathe so the majority of the time we are going to want to move energies independently of anything having to do with the process of breathing with the lungs.

5. Undernourishment Technique. This OBE suggests that eating very lightly for three days, although creating a temporary undernourished state, also may help with the loosening of the energosoma.

6. Seeing My Own Face. The phenomenon of seeing my own face is something I don’t have any information on and don’t know how it works. When I was staring at my own image I felt like I was having fun, attempting to accomplish a sort of out-of-body acrobatics. I can’t think of any practical purpose to creating my image in front of myself.

7. Holomemory. This OBE demonstrates an instance of dipping in to the holomemory, as I had already projected and witnessed these tendril energies in the room, however the memory of this was located in the memory of the parabrain and inaccessible to the physical brain until I left the physical body again.

OBE Questionnaire

Date: 11/28/98
Time: unknown
Title of Projection: Cottage Living Room
Did you apply a projective technique? No. I actually did but I did not know that I was. I applied a technique of undernourishment and a breathing technique.
If so, what was it?
Climate: unknown
Physical Position: dorsal
Physiological state: undernourished
Psychological state: content

1. Preparation. 5
2. Energy Quality. 7
3. Energetic Control. 4
4. Perception. 3
5. Lucidity. 6
6. Continuous Consciousness. 5
7. Level-headedness. 3
8. Target. 0
9. Recall. 6
10. Record. 5

TOTAL: 44 of 100


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