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May 6, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE 6. Out-of-Body Experience to the Sun – Sun Symbol Helps Reach Target

Journey to the Sun

These OBE Accounts are written using technical terms from the science of conscientiology (the scientific study of the consciousness). If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms.

This Projection fits these Types of Projections: Spontaneous, Educational, Joint, Possible Exoprojection, Possible Mentalsoma Projection.

Dec. 2, 1997

Prior to Projection

I had been drawing a “Portal to the Sun – The Eye of Ra” sketch before bed, and the image was imprinted into my mind as I went to sleep. Ra is the Egyptian Sun God. From Wikipedia: Ra is the ancient Egyptian solar deity. By the Fifth Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BC) he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the midday sun.

Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra

Extraphysical Period

I found myself in a big “Home Depot” warehouse store type place where there were many rooms with tools in shelves lining the walls. There were stairways, escalators, elevators, and other means of transportation upwards. This place was staffed by thin, brown-skinned men with black hair. There were several young men of other races as well. These helpers weren’t concerned with the tools; rather they were helping travelers ride up the various elevators. They were very friendly.

I came to a door and about seven of these thin, friendly young men were there. I walked into the room and there was a slowly twirling light blue elevator. I tried getting on it and didn’t make it. I watched two other people who had gotten in ascend. The next time I got in fine and rode up to the next floor. I clearly saw someone I knew from some spiritual classes I was taking; he saw me as well. He was having more difficulty with the elevator than I was and had to ascend a little later.

I got out and found myself in a library. I went up to a huge book on a small table by a window in an alcove. I could see some stars out the window. I opened the book and started reading about traveling to the sun, which was my objective.

It was written that a long time ago, when my soul and others decided to incarnate themselves in this solar system, they came to the sun first and split themselves into individuals and a bunch of us began lifetimes on this planet. I also read that an individual may plan out what they will teach (in general) while on Earth when they first get to the sun. Then they fly down to begin lifetimes on Earth. When a person wants to know in the biggest sense what they decided to teach on Earth, that person goes back to the sun to try to remember all the plans they had had when they first flew down. This was the understanding I got from reading in this book. I do not know if any of it was true. The book also had information about how to actually “go to the sun.”

I think I did reach my goal of “going to the sun,” but while I was there I was not in a state of consciousness that I could easily access after returning. I just remember a sensation of going into an incredibly deep and peaceful state, where everything was light and warm. Then I gently woke up, as if I landed softly there on the bed, with a sense of deep happiness inside. I was exhausted, as if I had indeed gone someplace far away. Unfortunately, if I had obtained a sense of what I was supposed to teach while on the earth, I couldn’t remember what it was.

Journey to the Sun

Some details that I recall now but did not record at the time: The warehouse place was huge. The floors and some of the walls were gray concrete, and the tools were all up on the walls but were not organized in categories; in other words a scissors would hang next to a hammer next to glue, rather than in a store where things are all neatly divided.

The young men were exceptionally positive, joyful, content, friendly and accommodating. The place was pretty active in terms of guests going here and there and helpers guiding and serving them.

The elevator was spherical or egg shaped and appeared like a sculpture with winding sculpted rails around the open air windows, it looked a bit like something made of paper mache around a balloon and the balloon had been removed. It was spinning slowly around to the right. If you were unable to get on you had to wait there, just looking around at the young men and the other guests, for the elevator to go all the way up and come all the way back down.

I recall the area in the library where the book was located. I had climbed wooden stairs with a polished wooden railing to get up to this hallway. The hall was like a balcony as well because it went to the right and had a railing along the front. There was a small nook up on a platform off the hallway, right beyond where the stairway met the hall. The walls were white and they were curved. The window was like a triangle with curved sides with no window frame. The table was just big enough to fit the book. The book looked like a huge fat dictionary. There was a chair so I could sit down and look out the window and flip through the book. The atmosphere was warm, clean and inviting with full illumination.


1. Imprintable Surroundings? This “Home Depot” was possibly a place where helpers focused on helping people go from that dimension to other dimensions. Perhaps the helpers’ psychosomas appeared as they truly are, but maybe the surroundings were made out of something that could be imprinted on by a traveler, so that each individual saw the surroundings reflect to them their own personal associations with the kind of place it was. I associated it with a Home Depot because the Home Depot is a very large place with many people who help one find the specific tool one can use to accomplish a goal. Another person may have perceived an airport, a museum, etc. This is a speculation, based on this experience, that an OBE can include both subjective and objective data; objects one creates through association and objects one discovers. And if the speculation was found to be true, this would lead me to ask some questions: 1) Is it possible to rid an OBE of all “associations” and perceive the energy as it is in its direct and unaltered form? 2) What is the means to decipher reality from imagination while out of the body? 3) Is there a truly objective reality while out of the body? 4) What is the means by which one’s own internal pictures get imprinted onto the surrounding energy field? 5) Are there certain locales or dimensions where it is easier for people to project their internal reality outside onto the environment?

2. Joint. This is a joint projection because one of the people getting on the elevator at the same time I was was someone I knew who was also projected, and we acknowledged each other. I remember his face was completely clear.

3. Lucidity. This meeting was very close to an experience of meeting a friend in daily waking life but not quite. For example, I knew my friend and acknowledged him by nodding and making eye contact, but in daily waking life I would have asked him a lot of questions like – Why are you here? Have you been here before? Where are we? Do you recognize me? Will you remember this tomorrow? I didn’t ask him anything, I just stood there waiting.

4. Symbolic Representation used to Help Reach Target. I created an image to represent a specific target I wanted to reach in this OBE. Before going to sleep, I focused on imprinting this image in my mind and by doing so, saturated my mind with the holothosene (combination of thoughts, sentiments and energies) related to my target.  In this case it was the Egyptian mystery school tradition and the sun god Ra who symbolized the sun itself. I would have to research this more but I believe that one thing some artists do is create energy portals within their paintings simply by focusing their mind on a specific holothosene while painting, imbuing the painting with an energetic signature pointing to that place. I’m thinking that a great way to have more OBEs and more OBEs that reach the intended target would be to create or find images, symbols and/or objects that represent the target and use them as your own “portal” or energetic link to the target. Focus on them before bed for some days or weeks imprinting them into your mind. This could eventually arise in a successful OBE to that target.

5. Educational. I was interested in finding out information on a specific topic. I don’t think there is any scientific proof at this time that consciousnesses were once unified as part of a larger consciousness and then broke apart. This would need a lot more investigation. The idea that we spent time in the sun is interesting and could account for the sun worship we were so involved in during ancient times. Again, this would need a lot more investigation.

6. Possible Exoprojection. Possible Mentalsoma Projection. I do not know where I went, except that I felt a peace and warmth way beyond anything experienced in a normal meditation, almost like becoming light itself for a time. I was quite tired upon returning, although full of energy and light. I just remember the yellow light – bright, warm, deeply peaceful yellow light blazing through every aspect of my being. Returning was so gentle. I was very happy, joyful, blissful and deeply peaceful and satisfied that morning, when I awoke and afterwards. It was a unique experience; I have never had one like it before or since.

7. Record. Note that the Record for this OBE I rated as 3 of 10 because I left out so many details. Most of the time during this OBE I was really observing my surroundings. I know that when I got back I could have recorded colors, textures, the expressions on people’s faces, my emotions etc. This may seem like a good recording of an OBE but it’s really incredibly stripped down of so much relevant information. Now years later I can’t remember as well. Please always record your OBEs including all the details you perceived.

OBE Questionnaire

Date: 12/2/97
Time: unknown
Title of Projection: Journey to the Sun
Did you apply a projective technique? No
If so, what was it?
Climate: unknown
Physical Position: unknown
Physiological state: unknown
Psychological state: unknown

1. Preparation. 2
2. Energy Quality. 8
3. Energetic Control. 5
4. Perception. 7
5. Lucidity. 6
6. Continuous Consciousness. 0
7. Level-headedness. 5
8. Target. 9
9. Recall. 5
10. Record. 3

TOTAL: 50 of 100


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