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May 1, 2014 / newsynapse

40 Types of Projections with Examples for Each

mentalsoma projection

I wrote this document in 2001. These examples are all taken from my own projections (Out-of-body Experiences). I had 108 OBEs between 10/24/97 and 2/17/01. The numbers refer to the number projection (2 = the second projection I have had for example).

When I speak of the “VS” I am referring to the Vibrational State – an energetic technique to create a protective energy field around oneself, and to cleanse environments energetically.

Spontaneous Projection – Natural exit from the body, without intention, not provoked. Unconscious exit.

#5. After a short blackout, I found myself standing up a few feet from the soma (body).

#10. After being asleep for awhile, I found myself in the studio of an Asian artist in an extraphysical (nonphysical) locale. I was unconscious when I left the soma and flew there, but after I arrived I was conscious of being in the projected state.

Willful Projection – An intentional and planned out-of-body projection; a conscious, willed exit from the body.

#51. I was lying in the beanbag chair and realized I could leave the soma. I willed myself out and went into the back yard. I never went unconscious from the time I lay down to when I was in the back yard.

Partial Projection – Only part of the projector’s body is projected.

#49 I exteriorized the upper part of my psychosoma (head and upper body portion of energy body) (got them out of the soma) and then went back in.

Blind Projection – The projector knows they are projected but can’t see anything.

#30. I was suddenly in a room and could feel other people crowded next to me, but all was black.

#37. I went into the back yard on my hands and knees and could clearly feel the blades of grass but all was black.

#45. I was within the 13′ radius  (sphere of dense energies around the soma) and all appeared black until I got farther away.

#44, #50, and #52. In these projections I was blind but instead of seeing black I was in a white fog. It was not right after leaving the soma as it is with the blackness. Instead, I could see very well and after a while I was walking through a white or cream colored substance and then presently I would go into a different place or start dreaming or lose lucidity. It is possible that (either only when in the mentalsoma or possibly also when in the psychosoma), when one changes frequency levels to a higher level there as a period of transition when one is just in energy that is not formed into a inhabited dimension per se.

Visually Self-encapsulated Projection – Everything the projector sees around him/her comes from his/her imagination – in other words they are surrounded by dream images (oneiric images).

#85. I was trying to pass through the space where I knew a curtain hung to divide two rooms. I would pass through the curtain, only to see it again and have to pass through it. Finally I dispelled the images of the curtain. I was creating these visual perceptions of obstructions and was not seeing the actual environment.

Dream Elements Projection (Self-generated Visual Elements) – There are elements that come from the projector‘s imagination – dream (oneiric) images – interspersed with perception of the extraphysical dimension itself.

#13 I was standing at the window and the sky was full of stars even though in intraphysical life at that moment it was already morning.

#80 I was walking across the living room and my boyfriend Joe’s clothes kept piling themselves up under my feet so I had to leap across them to get out the door. I was making these clothes up from my imagination.

#87 I saw a military tank in the living room where the TV is, and other pieces of artillery around the room.

Morphothosene Projection – The projector creates something using their will, out of energy.

#24. I was in an extraphysical locale with brown rolling hills. I decided to try to make a morphothosene of a tree. I put all my effort into it but could only create a ghostlike wispy resemblance of a tree.

Loaded Projection – Projection in which the projector feels heavy, without much lucidity, and without control of flight or flotation, as if in a slow-motion film.

#26 I was trying to run away from an extraphysical girl gang and I was running in slow motion. I got scared and went back to my body.

#32 I was with an extraphysical woman and she was trying to tell me some information but I was barely able to walk I was so heavy and then I kept nodding off to sleep. Finally she left me in a room to sleep; when I woke up and was more lucid she took me to a lecture hall.

#53 I felt like my energy was very sluggish, and I had trouble moving my energy.

Interrupted Projection – Something forces the projector’s return.

#27 I was climbing a ladder with my boyfriend Joe and he was behind me. He fell off and it scared me so much I returned to the soma. I was lucid of being projected, but not lucid enough to remember Joe could not get hurt from falling a long distance in the energetic dimensions.

#60 I was exploring an extraphysical place with my cat in his astral body and my partner kicked me in physical life and I returned.

Consecutive Projection – The projector goes out, back to their body and then leaves again right away.

#29. I got up five times to start my day and each time I projected into the bathroom. I went back into the soma in between each projection.

#91-91. I had five projections to different places, and returned briefly to the soma in-between each projection.

Recurrent Projection – This is a projection to a place the projector has been before, often many times.

I have had 12 projections to my Home of Origin in New York, and in each case it appeared different.

Continuous Consciousness Projection – No lapse in lucidity from exiting the soma to physically waking up.

I have had these but need to find one to put here.

Projection out of a Dream – The projector is dreaming, becomes lucid, and projects out of their body. The dream that occurs at the beginning is called a Projectiogenic Dream.

Not Numbered. I was dreaming I was in an outdoor setting looking at a stake. I knew that if I went towards it I would exit the soma. I pushed myself at it and was suddenly lucid of taking off from the soma in the psychosoma.

#14. I was dreaming I was looking down at the head of a friend. I turned a little and looked beyond his head; I was looking out of a door from a barn into a sunlit yard. I knew if I propelled myself through the door, I would exit the soma. I pushed myself with a lot of will towards the door and was suddenly lucid of taking off in the psychosoma, at which moment all dream images vanished.

In both cases the dream suddenly went into slow motion and I felt like I was floating above an object. The stake and my friend’s head both become crystal clear for a moment, with all detail highlighted. Then I pushed forward and the dream disappeared, and I was in the psychosoma willing myself out of the soma with a lot of effort.

#30 This was a little different. I realized I could project from the dream and propelled myself straight up out of the ceiling of the dream room and suddenly I was in an extraphysical locale, but could see nothing. I did not experience the takeoff in this case.

Leisure Projection – Projection for the purpose of pleasure, relaxation, mental hygiene, or extraphysical touring.

#27. My boyfriend Joe and I were in a Range Rover running around an extraphysical countryside and having fun.

#36. I went out into my neighborhood and was looking at what was in a neighbor’s yard; I flew up into a tree.

#67 My boyfriend Joe and I were in an extraphysical city. I flew up to the top of a building and called to him and another person to look (extraphysical flying/acrobatics). Joe was just looking around like he thought he was dreaming. We went into a restaurant and also a beauty parlor.

Experimental Projection – Conscious experimentation outside the body, such as, touching the silver cord, creating an effect on physical matter, elongating the astral body, changing appearances, etc.

#5 I was trying to make a mirror image of myself.

#7. Joe and I turned ourselves into pompoms and went scurrying around a department store under the racks of clothes. Yes, this one could possibly have been a dream, although artistic types of projectors do challenge themselves to transform into various types of beings or shapes for short periods of time.

#36 I could see only black. I was completely lucid of being projected. I put my hands up in front of my face and exteriorized energy from my head and frontal chakra at my hands with a lot of effort. Finally I could see my hands. They looked see-through. I kept exteriorizing and looking at my hands and then I could see the grass on the ground, and then the house and a tree.

#44 I was trying to take off and my abdomen was stuck so I took my extraphysical arms, which were loose and exteriorized through my hands onto my abdomen. I was able to take off.

#46 I could not see so exteriorized but went back to the soma before anything happened.

#47 I said “HOME” to make the morphothosenes disappear. Each time I said HOME the images would go away and all would be black. I then tried to exteriorize out of my third eye to see what was really there, but it didn’t work.

#51 I experimented with putting my body through a fence

#52 I was in the beanbag and I lay flat down, putting the psychosoma inside of the beanbag.

#53 I was projected and encountered an extraphysical old woman. I decided to exteriorize at her. I held up my hands and tried to push energy at her. “Do you think I’m an illusion?!” she said, offended.

#63. I did the VS while projected and shot energy out of my eyes and third eye to gain lucidity. I saw that I was at my home of origin.

#60 I said “Clarity Now” to restore lucidity and the images went away and I was in darkness.

#92 I tried to put my hand through an extraphysical table but couldn’t. I kept banging at it; it appeared odd to the extraphysical consciousnesses around the table. Apparently things will be solid in some dimensions; the psychosoma must be the same density as the object.

#94 Joe and I were projected and I exclaimed, “Look – We ARE projected – I can prove it to you! I’ll turn the ceiling into a big pink dome!” I tried and tried and tried exteriorizing up at the ceiling of the bedroom but it wouldn’t budge. Joe lost interest and left.

VS Takeoff – The Vibrational State is used to enable takeoff.

I have had this but need to find the record.

Assisted Projection – leaving the body with the help of another consciousness/ receiving help from another consciousness.

#1. I got advice and consolation from a friend, also projected,

#15 I barely remember talking to a helper regarding my path. I remember them saying , “Focus on the way things are.”

#20 I remember talking to a helper. I hadn’t done my existential program for 200 years. The intermissive courses or maybe my intermissive courses began in 1750. There was encouragement for me to do what I came to do this time. There was something also about a “Serene” I assume a serenissimus. I got this information about the intermissive course and the “big serene” before learning of them from the IIPC.

#31 In Russia, a healer was helping me with some retrocognitions and commented that I had a lot of traumatic lives.

#56 A projected friend or a helper with the appearance of the friend warned me about an intruder who had made himself look like my boyfriend Joe and wanted to be intimate.

#68 I exited the soma on my back so I was flying on my back looking straight up. I gained lucidity and saw a helper’s face right above mine. He was repeating, “Calm Down, Calm Down, Calm Down.” He was speaking in another language to someone I couldn’t see. He was taking me somewhere. He was beaming calming energy at me. He dropped me off in a square of some kind with trees around. I looked at him and I thought to myself, “I’ll have to tell Joe the helper looked just like Alvaro except with a longer nose.” He left then and I was with some other people and began to become less lucid.

Educational Projection – Projection for the purpose of education; to learn something.

#2 Lecture with a Native American Indian in Seattle

#4 A Sufi or Indian man teaches me trust by spinning me around off the ground very fast – the minute you lose trust you fall. He also taught people about levitation and other things.

#6 I was reading a very large book in a library – I was learning about how souls go to the sun before coming to this planet to begin a series of lives.

#17 Lecture by a nutritionist

#20 Information on intermissive course – badly recalled

#25 There was a house and the house was partially destroyed by an earthquake. Some other young people and I were instructed to fix things. We could learn things about each other and ourselves by what tasks and whom we naturally gravitated to. A girl and I decided to make sure all the cats were safe. This could have been a dream.

#32 A helper tells me I am here to teach others – and not to be so afraid.

#47 Waldo speaks on the subject of Aids – badly recalled

#64 I was in a convenience store. A voice began to speak. It said, “When I first began my excursions I would find myself in a setting, as you find yourself. I learned that when I go along with it I learned things about myself.” A robber burst in, all in black and with a gun. I knew it was a test to see what I would do. I reacted – I lunged forth and grabbed his hand that held the gun. I realized that in real life I would be dead. Also, maybe he was no robber, but just appeared to be a robber.

Assistential Projection – projection for the purpose of helping.

#4 I spoke with a depressed recently deceased person, trying to console him.

Cleansing Projection – Projection with the purpose of cleansing an environment, the projector’s own soma, etc.

#73 I flew up into the air above the bed and frantically exteriorized a lot of energy all around after feeling the presence of an intruder, and then I went back into the soma.

#104 I was projected into the bedroom and had to do the VS a lot in order to get the intruders to leave and I succeeded.

#54 I was away from home. I projected back to my house and went in the bedroom and did the VS for a while, cleaning the energy of the bedroom. It had been quite dense and improved from me doing the VS.

De-Intrusion Projection – Projection for the purpose of de-intruding another consciousness or oneself. A type of Assistential Projection.

#16 I had a lot of energy so the helpers took me to a place with a young woman. She had all this brown energy around her. I exteriorized very powerfully at her and the brown energy disappeared. She had a look of relief on her face.

#24 I saw a friend of mine slumped on the floor against a door. She was trying to go to a healer but he wasn’t there. I then saw the face of a hideous man, laughing evilly, stuck right in her on top of her face. I rose up and was horizontal in the air and blasted her with energy. There was a lot of energy like a flash and I was in the soma. I felt a heavy energy with me and did the VS and it left.

#104 I managed to use the VS to de-intrude myself.

Confirmed Projection – perception of an event that was later possible to confirm in the intraphysical dimension (physical reality).

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Searching Projection – Projection where the projector is looking for something, like a new house, or something they have lost.

#75 I was looking for a place to rent and projected somewhere north of the Bay Area like Sonoma or Petaluma, and was in a small house.

Joint Projection – The projector meets a known person or animal also projected.

#1 I met and spoke with a projected friend.

#6 I saw a projected friend of mine and we rode an elevator.

#7 Joe and I were projected together above the bed and had a conversation about my fears regarding survival and money.

#26 After an IIPC class I was riding an elevator with another student from the class, and I saw some other members of the class in a group on the floor we landed on.

#27 Joe and I were riding in a Rover an then climbed up a long ladder together.

#54 I was projected with Joe. Joe commented, “Why is it you always run into intruders when you project?” I got mad and pinched him and then regretted my emotional reactivity. Then a projected friend said, “There are less intruders here than in Oakland, don’t you think?” “Yes” I said. Joe and I were at their house in the country.

#55 I was in Russia and I found my friend who was in Russia physically with the Peace Corps. She was asleep; I saw her psychosoma hovering about one foot above her soma. I was afraid so I glommed on to her psychosoma for a minute, then I relaxed and let the helper fly me into the town.

#56 I saw a friend and his girlfriend, they came to warn me about an intruder.

#60 I saw my cat Gilgamesh projected – he came after me after I projected to my home of origin. I saw his silver cord going out of the back of his neck, it was light blue and I could see it trailing after him for a couple feet before it disappeared. I heard him meowing to me. He bounded across the yard like he had been here before.

#67 Joe and I projected to an extraphysical city.

#74 I saw a friend of mine projected – in this case it could have been a dream image – it was unclear.

#78 I saw and spoke to a woman I had went to high school with.

#91 Joe and I projected into a room.

#94 Joe and I projected in the bedroom.

#96 Conversation with Joe, both projected. I said, “I saw you projected. Do you know what you do when you are projected? You read! You just read and read the whole time! That’s why you know so much when you wake up!” He looked like he didn’t know he read, or that he projected, or that he was projected right at that moment.

#97 I went to my home of origin. Both of my cats were sitting peacefully in the tall wavy grass in the yard.

Confirmed Joint Projection – The projector meets a known person also projected with lucidity and both individuals remember it.

#95. Joe and I were standing next to each other in a place that looked like a bus or train station. Some policemen walked by. When I woke up, I asked Joe what he remembered of being projected. He said nothing. Then he started to remember something. I said, “Were there policemen?” He said, “Yes now I remember policemen.” I asked, “What color were their uniforms?” He said, “Blue, definitely blue.” Their uniforms had been a vibrant blue color.

Another Consciousness Encounter Projection – The projector encounters another consciousness during this projection.

#3. I met with some aliens.

#10 I met an Asian artist and was asking him questions – he was an extraphysical teacher.

#28 I was projected and I didn’t have my psychosoma together and I looked really weird – also had a lot of holochakra on me so it was easy for the extraphysicals to tell I was projected and some were making fun of me and laughing.

#55 I was walking with a procession of people to a temple – they seemed to be extraphysical but nobody heard when I spoke so maybe they were physical.

#93 I was hanging out with an extraphysical man. He was in his garage and had just finished giving me directions to a place I wanted to see. I was standing in the driveway. I lost one of my sneakers and was putting it back on. He looked at me and said, “You’re a baby – The way you have your hair, and losing your sneaker – you must be a beginner.” I looked at him and said, “Yes, I am. I do everything very gradually, little by little.”

Psychotic Post Mortem Encounter Projection – The projector sees a psychotic post mortem or intruder.

#55 I saw a woman who looked like she was sleep walking in the street – she was almost mindless.

#78 I visited a clinic – there were some sick consciousnesses in the small waiting room, and there was a hallway with small rooms in it. I looked into one and a man laid sprawled out on the floor – he was in rags.

#101 I was physically lying on my stomach. I turned my psychosoma around in my soma and got up and went to the front door. I opened it all the way and there was this man there with deformed arms. He had two right arms and the lower one branched out into two forearms. One of these was holding a knife. His left arm was small and deformed and held up into the air. He said, “I’m not here for you.” I didn’t know what he meant by that but I just went around him and out the door and flew up into the air. The guy was probably here for Joe’s PENTA.

Helper Encounter Projection – The projector sees a helper.

#2 Lecture by some type of Native American Indian helper.

#31 Healer in Russia

#55 I was led by a helper to the temple.

#68 I saw the helper helping me fly.

Animal Encounter projection – The projector saw an animal.

#25 I saw some cats.

#32 I picked up my cat who was projected and carried him and then put him down – he looked surprised.

#46 I saw my Mom’s dog in the yard, and then I also saw a rabbit who had died long time ago, still sitting in the yard where he always sat before he died.

#60 I saw my cat projected with the silver cord.

#74 I saw my cat sitting on the ceiling calmly looking around – that was quite funny

#75 I saw a dog who suddenly was like stuck in time – he was completely still in space for a few minutes. Then he came alive, saw me, and started barking and running after me which scared me and I returned to the soma.

#97 I saw both my cats sitting in the grass.

Reencounter Projection – The projector meets a friend or loved one who has passed away.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Precognitive Projection – The projector acquires knowledge of a future event.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Traumatic Projection – A projection that the projector may consider to have been traumatic.

#26 The girl gang scared me and I returned to the soma. Not all that traumatic just scary to me at the time.

#32 I kept finding myself on this road with electrical currents shooting overhead and the place filled me with dread and I couldn’t seem to get out. For some reason this scared me a lot at the time. I was being manipulated by my fears.

#33 I was taken in a ball of psychosomas to a cave and we were released and put in situations that would make us aggressive. I went there three times and on the third time gained lucidity and realized what had been happening – the place was a very negative place.

#48. I was projected and I went to this place that resembled the bed where Joe and I were sleeping except Joe wasn’t there. It was behind a curtain like our bed was. I went in and lay down. Then someone came to the other side of the curtain. I said, “Joe – is that you – Come in and join me!” The curtain parted and this man I didn’t know came in and put his arms and upper body over the left side of my body over my ribs and part on my stomach. I was shocked and immediately began the VS but he was attached like a leach and there was nothing I could do. I desperately tried everything I knew and in a moment he left and I woke up feeling utterly drained. This man had looked frightened; he looked like a drug addict that was desperate for his next fix. He looked surprised that I completely saw him, as if he was used to getting his fix from people who are unaware. The left side of my body hurt for a period of time afterwards.

#56 I was projected with Joe and we were making love in this big room with a lot of light and white bed covers. I was not very lucid but it was so nice to be intimate. Then I began to notice the energy of this Joe was not really like Joe. I began to become more lucid and I was walking outside the room. My friend and his girlfriend came and said, “You should be careful about that guy.” I realized that that had been a really yucky guy disguising himself as Joe. I was shocked and did the VS as much as I could.

#69 I was with a young man in a car. He kept making sexual advances at me. I knew I needed to resist and wait for Joe to come back from wherever he was. But I was getting drawn in. He began to touch me and I was going to give in but then I sensed a presence to my right. “Wait a minute – there’s an intruder here!” I yelled and I stood straight up. The kid disappeared and the car too and I was in a room in a house I didn’t recognize. I exteriorized and tried to do the VS. The VS was weak but I managed to clear the whole room. Then I was in my body and woke up – I looked up and there was a large (physical) owl sitting right outside the window.

#86 I did some energy exercises. When I lay down to go to sleep I began dreaming I was standing by a new white VW van – very nice. I kept feeling the presence of energies I didn’t like so I kept doing the VS. I realized I could stop dreaming and project so I worked my way out of my body. I saw an image of Joe standing in the room although he had no face. I pushed him by putting both hands on his shoulders and attempting to exteriorize from my entire body at him. He went away. I then was out of my body and on the rug. I crawled and crawled and crawled, out the bedroom and through the living room. I kept my eyes closed and head ducked down, I didn’t want to see the intruders. Suddenly, probably after I left the area I had done all the energy work, next to the door out of the living room, I felt a sharp excruciating pain go from the top of my head straight back, like I got a jolt of electricity shot into my head. It hurt a lot and I snapped back into the soma. I felt my body heat up and my legs vibrating somewhat with the energy of having been projected. I don’t know what that was. I asked myself, “Was my psychosoma or soma head hit?” I knew that you can feel both simultaneously. I thought it was the psychosoma because where I had been crawling I had felt the presence of something in front of me like I had run into something. Also, I had felt the presence of more intruders out there than near the soma, although I did feel some there also. I held my head with my hand. I still felt a slight coldness and ache on the top of my head. I did not project again; I was very tired from using all my energy to project that one time.

#102. When I was in Rio in the hotel there were tons of intruders. One night I managed to project myself out of the soma onto the floor. I was crawling along the floor when they said, “Oh no you don’t!” They attacked me and sent a spasm of pain through my psychosoma and I went back into the soma.

#104 After returning from Rio there were tons of intruders around me. I tried to project anyway. I did the VS and left my body and went into the living room. I had to focus on moving forward. All was dark. I got a sharp pain in the center of my back and it was like trying to pull me back. I went back and did the VS even more. I knew this pain was caused by an attack from intruders. I did manage to leave my body successfully with no more interference several times after this.

Forced Projection – provoked by accident, drugs, trauma, pain.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

In-motion projection – Projection while the projector is moving – walking, for example, or doing some physical activity.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

Exoprojection – outside planet earth

#3 I found myself entering a spaceship with tons of colored lights.

#6 I managed to project myself into the sun’s energy field.

Retrocognitive Projection – Projection with remembrance of past lives.

#31 I was in Russia and a healer was helping me remember past lives in Russia.

Intermissive Retrocognitive Projection – Projection with remembrance of any of the periods between lives.

I have not experienced this type of projection.

mentalsoma projection

mentalsoma projection

Mentalsoma Projection – Projection of the mentalsoma.

#61 Mentalsoma – High Velocity 12/6/99

I did the Vibrational State for 45 minutes and then lay down on a mat. I was suddenly in the kitchen, and then suddenly I was going somewhere so fast it felt like the speed of light. The takeoff was so sudden and there was a feeling of whirring – a kind of high velocity energy. I started to fly through the energetic dimensions at an incredible rate of speed. The strange sensation of extreme speed scared me and I returned to the soma.

#65 Possible Mentalsoma (Ambiguous) – Looking out Window 12/99

I felt myself lifting out of my body. I used my will to focus on the window, my target. I had some projective experiences in the room in front of the window. I went back to the soma. I found my psychosoma was sitting up – I entered the psychosoma first and then lay down and went into the soma. The reason this could be a mentalsoma projection is because of how I returned first into the psychosoma, and then into the soma.

#74. Possible Mentalsoma – Heightened Lucidity 2/26/00

I was lying in a bed in the corner of the living room and I stood up easily from what I thought was the physical soma. Actually, there was no bed in the living room – I was laying down in my psychosoma and took off in the mentalsoma. I was walking towards the door when I went back into what I thought was the soma in the corner of the living room. Irritated, I sat up and looked around. I was surprised to see this long painting with two white figures near the bottom – I thought it was very pretty and reminded me of my childhood. On the left was another large painting – I was sure I had created it.

I lay back down and immediately got up and out of the soma, really the psychosoma. I was surprised at how fast and easy it was. (I think the exit of the mentalsoma is more effortless, and the exit of the psychosoma involves more effort so this is a clue it could be the mentalsoma).

I went outside this time. I went through the door and walked down the stairs. The yard looked different. All the vegetation was very crisp to my vision – I saw very clearly. I felt like I was existing in the very center of my head and I could perceive everything much better than usual. I was super-aware. I willed myself to remain calm and lucid. I got into the yard and could hear the birds – very loud and beautiful. I looked at the bushes and the leaves were very vibrant and clear. I knew I could go through them if I wanted. I was about to attempt to fly up and over the bushes to see what else was here when Joe yanked the covers and suddenly I was back in my soma in the bedroom. I was very annoyed.

#78. Possible Mentalsoma – Parked Psychosoma 3/30/00 7AM

I projected into a room. I was speaking to a girl I had known in High School. I told her I had to project. I was aware of needing to be someplace and didn’t want to waste any time. I lay down on the bed and momentarily projected in the mentalsoma. I projected to an extraphysical clinic. After looking inside at the patients I returned to the soma.

Cosmo-Consciousness Projection – projection during which there is an experience of cosmo-consciousness.

I have not experienced this type of projection.


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