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May 1, 2014 / newsynapse

OBE Questionnaire – 10 Questions for Rating Your OBEs

Out-of-body Experience

This is a list of 10 criteria I use to evaluate my OBE Accounts.

If unfamiliar with some terms please check the definition in the Glossary of Conscientiological Terms

OBE Questionnaire

Title of Projection:
Did you apply a projective technique?
If so, what was it?
Physical Position:
Physiological state:
Psychological state:

Please rate your projection on a scale from 1-10 in the following areas:

1. Preparation. How well did you prepare yourself to project?
0 – I did not do any preparation at all.
5 – I did some energy exercises, for example, but had not planned in advance to project at this time.
10 – I executed thorough and effective planning for this OBE, for example I planned on a time, prepared my environment to be optimal, and used a projective technique.

2. Energy Quality. What was the quality of your energy?
0 – While projected my energy was dense and encumbering or weak and inadequate.
10 – I had an optimal amount of high quality energy which enabled effective locomotion and use of will to perform actions during the course of this OBE.

3. Energetic Control. How well were you able to manage and manipulate energy?
0 – I did not manage energy consciously at all and did not remember what I know about energetic management.
5 – I made attempts at managing energy. It was a struggle for me. I had partial success.
10 – I was in control of the state of my energy, and could perform all desired actions, e.g. vibrational state and exteriorization, with a high degree of effectiveness.

4. Perception. How was your vision (frontal chakra) and other perceptive capacities?
0 – I could not perceive the surroundings. The environment was obscured from my perception. I was experiencing problems perceiving clearly.
5 – Mediocre/ Variable. I struggled to perceive part of the time and I could perceive well part of the time.
8 – I could perceive clearly and the environment appeared to be the correct illumination. I was aware of detail in all the things I could see.
10 – I could perceive better than in the waking state

5. Lucidity. How aware were you of being in the projected state?
2 – Semi-conscious
4 – Doubts – Was this a projection or not?
6 – Certainty to have experienced a projection
8 – Lucidity equal to that of the waking state in the physical dimension
10 – Superconsciousness, greater than that experienced during the waking state

6. Continuous Consciousness. How aware were you during take-off and return?
0 – I had a brief or lengthy loss of lucidity (parapsycholepsy) before arriving at my destination and was not
lucid during the return to the soma.
5. I was lucid either during takeoff or return but not both.
10 – I maintained awareness continuously from the soma to my destination and back to the soma.

7. Level-headedness/Discernment. Were you cool headed or reacting with emotionality?
0 – I reacted emotionally to things. I was unreasonably afraid, paranoid, overly trusting and gullible, euphoric, etc.
5 – Variable. I reacted emotionally half the time, and used my mentalsoma and good judgment half the time.
10 – My actions and decisions arose from my mentalsoma. I used my best judgment. My thought processes occurred in the way they do while in the waking state.

8. Target. Did you set a target and reach it?
0 – After finding myself in the projected state, I had some experiences. There was no conscious planning.
8 – After finding myself in the projected state I decided on a target and successfully reached my target.
10 – I planned on a target before projecting and successfully reached my target.

9. Recall. How is your recall of the projection?
0 – I had a fragmentary memory of this projection.
5 – I had an equal mixture of fragmentary and integrated memory of this projection.
10 – I had a completely integrated, or in-block memory of this projection.

10. Record. Did you take quality notes of this projection?
0 – I did not take notes
5 – I did take notes but not immediately, and did not include some details.
10 – I took notes as soon as I possibly could. I included as many details as possible (detailed descriptions of appearance of places and other consciousnesses, sensations, sounds, emotions, thoughts etc.). I did not elaborate on anything based on assumptions but stuck to pure scientific observations. I stated when I was making an inference about something.

Add up your score and keep it for your records.

TOTAL:______of 100

Note: If I were to turn this into a really accurate scientific questionnaire I would adjust some things. I would have each question weighted as to its relevance to the overall score. For example, the Lucidity of the OBE (#5) should have more weight than the other items. I would make sure all answers of number 10 would be equivalent in weight to “beyond waking consciousness,” as it is in question 5. This could be expanded on to include more questions as well.

Out-of-body Experience

Out-of-body Experience


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