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May 1, 2014 / newsynapse

40 Types of Projections (Out-of-Body Experiences)

Out-of-Body Travels

A projection of the consciousness is another term for an out-of-body experience.  The first 32 items on this list come from the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), followed by 8 of my own terms at the end. I got this list back in 2001. The IAC may have updated their list based on research done in the last 13 years; if I can find a copy of the updated list I will edit this to reflect it.

40 Types of Projections

  1. Spontaneous Projection – Natural exit from the body, without intention, not provoked, unconscious exit.
  2. Willful Projection – An intentional and planned out-of-body projection – conscious willed exit.
  3. Partial Projection – Only part of your psychosoma was projected outside the soma.
  4. Blind Projection – You knew you were projected but couldn’t see anything.
  5. Semi-lucid Projection – You were only partially lucid.
  6. Loaded Projection – Projection in which you felt heavy, without much lucidity, and without control of your flight or flotation, as if in a slow-motion film.
  7. Interrupted Projection – Something forced your return.
  8. Consecutive Projection – You went out, back to your body and then left again.
  9. Recurrent Projection – This is a projection to a place you have been before.
  10. Continuous Consciousness Projection – No lapse in lucidity from exiting the soma to physically waking up.
  11. Projection out of a Dream – You were dreaming, became lucid, and projected out of your body.
  12. Leisure Projection – Projection for pleasure, relaxation, mental hygiene, or extraphysical touring.
  13. Experimental Projection – Conscious experimentation outside the body, such as, touching the silver cord, creating an effect on physical matter, elongating the astral body, changing appearances, etc.
  14. Assisted Projection – leaving the body with the help of another consciousness
  15. Educational Projection – Another consciousness guides you to learn something
  16. Assistential Projection – Projection for the purpose of helping.
  17. Cleansing Projection – Projection with the purpose of cleansing an environment, your own soma, etc.
  18. De-Intrusion Projection – Projection for the purpose of de-intruding another consciousness or yourself.
  19. Confirmed Projection – perception of an event that was later possible to confirm in the intraphysical dimension.
  20. Searching Projection – Projection where you are looking for something – like a new house, or something you have lost.
  21. Joint Projection – You met a known person or animal also projected.
  22. Confirmed Joint Projection – You met a known person also projected with lucidity and you both remembered it.
  23. Reencounter Projection – You met a friend or loved one who had passed away.
  24. Precognitive Projection – You acquired knowledge of a future event.
  25. Traumatic Projection – A projection that you may consider to have been traumatic.
  26. Forced Projection – Provoked by accident, drugs, trauma, pain (one type of forced projection is the Near Death Experience).
  27. In-motion projection – Projection while you were moving – walking, for example, or doing some physical activity.
  28. Exoprojection – Projection outside planet earth.
  29. Retrocognitive Projection – Projection during which one recuperates a memory(s) of past lives.
  30. Intermissive Retrocognitive Projection – Projection during which one recuperates a memory(s) of any of the periods between lives.
  31. Mentalsoma Projection – Projection of the mentalsoma.
  32. Cosmo-Consciousness Projection – Expansion of the consciousness (Samadhi, Satori, Nirvana, Cosmic Consciousness) occurs while projected outside the soma (body).
  33. (My Term) VS Takeoff –  Projection in which the Vibrational State was used to enable the takeoff.
  34. (My Term) Dream Elements Projection (Self-generated Visual Elements, Partial Oneiric Images Projection) – There were a few elements that came from your imagination within a real environment.
  35. (My Term) Another Consciousness Encounter Projection – You encountered another consciousness during this projection.
  36. (My Term) Psychotic Post Mortem Encounter Projection – You saw a psychotic post mortem.
  37. (My Term) Helper Encounter Projection – You saw a helper.
  38. (My Term) Animal Encounter Projection – You saw an animal.
  39. (My Term) Morphothosene Projection – You created something using your will, out of energy, in an extraphysical dimension. This is different from a dream because other extraphysical and projected consciousnesses can see it, whereas a dream is like a hallucinsation that is not necessarily visible to others.
  40. (My Term) Visually Self-encapsulated Projection (Dream Encapsulated Projection, Total Oneiric Images Projection) – projection in which one only sees dream images, but is located in an extraphysical locale (And may hear, touch, sense the locale or other consciousnesses even while not seeing it/them)
Out-of-Body Travels

Out-of-Body Travels


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